Chronicles of the Dominion, Part 2

Chronicles of the Dominion, Part 2

The Barbarian Kingdoms of the Badlands

They are sometimes called the Lizard-Tamers of the Desert or the Barbarians of the Badlands but they all speak of the same people. They are honorable and savage at the same time. They are ferocious warriors and claim the desert canyons of the western continent their home.

The western desert canyons are infested with large lizard creature – some with wings, others with massive legs of speed, and others with spines and spikes on the tails. One general of the Bear Riders called them Walking siege weapons. Only the barbarians of the Badlands could tame beasts such as these. Some say it is pure strength of will while others believe it to be some kind of magic, but the Barbarians have legions of these lizard creatures to serve them.

They have many squadrons of Lifatons – huge winged beasts the could pick up a man and his horses in one swoop and wallow the man whole. They also have armies of the two legged Taratons, with their massive jaws of teeth that can rip through most known armor. The stake-tails are naturally armored beasts that use it spiked tales to wipe out legions of men.

They have no castles or city states; no keeps or towns. They have caves along the canyon walls which they fortified with stone. All they have is the Sandstone Temple of Lizard Scale. It is not known if they built it or someone else did, but they use it for training their Tamers and riders.

There was once a great battle between the Barbarians and a special tribe of Slash-Troopers called the Slaughter-Seekers – well known for the war crimes against the Dominion. When the last Slaughter-Seeker general fell under the clawed foot of the Barbarian leader’s Taraton, the Barbarian was heard saying “I condemn you for your crimes against my people and of the Dominion.”

The Slaughter-Seeker could barely get out “The Dominion is dead…” before the Taraton crushed him to death.