Chronicles of the Dominion, Part 3

Chronicles of the Dominion, Part 3

The Archers of the Southern Jungle Continent

The Kingdom of Branch Reach is on the south western continent directly south of the Barbarians of the Wastlands. The dark-skinned humans of this region are known to be pin-point accurate archers with the special brand of bowmanship. Their bows – a strangely cross-designed inverted double longbow – have incredible range and thus they earned the name Horizon Bows. It is said to be made of a very special perhaps magical wood and bowstring.

The Archers use the trees are their refuge and attack from above. The acrobatically jump from tree to tree on the many vines found in the jungle. Their incredible ability to travel from tree to tree defies all known laws of science and arcane.

There is no known castles, keeps or towns in the jungle lands of the Archers. However, there are ruins within these jungles that are taboo to the Archers. You will never find an Archer within a mile of these ruins and they ward anyone that approaches them. Any Dominion citizen that has ventured into them have never returned.

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