Chuborro the Hutt Crime Syndicate

Chuborro the Hutt Crime Syndicate

One of the most prominent figures in the Kathol Underground, it is unclear what his loyalties are.

Location: Through out the Kathol Sector.  Suspected HQ on Pembric II or Tanquilla Beach

Chuborro’s background

Chuborro is one of the oldest Hutts alive.  At one time, before Jabba’s death, he was retired.  He came out of retirement when Jabba died, and seized power of his interests in the Minos Cluster and the Kathol Sector.  For some reason, he wanted this particular portion of Jabba’s fortune and nothing else.  Chuborro is eccentric and boisterous but very reclusive.  He is old and paranoid as well.

Size Classification: Crime Syndicate

The Syndicate is divided into five territories with the Kathol Sector and Minos Cluster.  These territories are controlled and overseen by 5 Deputies.  Within each territory are several corporations and organizations that the Syndicate either owns wholly or owns a controlling portion.  The Syndicate does deals with certain noble houses of the Kathol Core Region, but does not control or influence any of the Noble corporations.

Each Deputy, or “Kajidar” oversees the corporations and organizations within their own region.  Some don’t even realize that they are Chuborro’s deputies, but rather competitors to Chuborro.

Antoss Irz ChanSpecies: Herglic

Territory: Northern Kathol Core, including the Northern Rim Region

Activities: Smuggling, Black Market connections, Agent Transportation

Utor Gott School of BusinessLocation: HQ’d on Utor Gott, with branches throughout the sector


A front of criminal training and a open forum for the rival factions of the underground to meet.  Antoss used to work in the Tenloss Crime Syndicate, and promotes cooperation.

Fing’dra Transportation

Location: HQ’d on Kolatill with branches thoroughout the sector, in every major star port.

The one of the primary smuggler conduit through which many of Chuborro’s outside contraband and illegal supplies.

Sagridian Enterprises

Location: HQ’d on Hudrisk Hahn (in Northern Rim Region)

A multi-faceted corporation that is based in the central area of the Northern Region, it handles the majority of the extortion, industrial espionage, black marketeering and information brokering.

Bres TambranaSpecies: Devaronian

Territory: Central Kathol Core

Activities: Extortion, Information Brokering, Gambling, Spice running, and Black Marketeering

Dasig’Nnor CasinosLocation: HQ’d on Gandle Ott, with Casinos all over the Core Region of the Sector.


A large conglomeration of casinos and gambling parlors, including upper class establishments and small holes- in-the-wall parlors.

Kar’n Syndicate

Location: HQ’d on Peirs with agents throughout the central mining worlds.

A major Spice running operation with the mining operations of the Nobles’ mining worlds.


Info-Kathol Services

Location: HQ’d on Gandle Ott with branches throughout the Core Region

An information gathering point for the Kathol Sector.  It is the best kept secret of the syndicate.  In fact, the Info-Service has published many articles that were harshly critical of the old hutt, but these are only feints to help its cover.

Irta’Kes Species: Noehon

Territory: Southern Core Region, including the Southern Rim Region

Activities: Smuggling, piracy, investments, extortion, an assorted array of illegal products, arms dealing

Erdadian FinancialLocation: HQ’d on Gef ‘Z’kal with several branches through out the sector.


An investment firm that does the majority of Chuborro’s financial deals, including illegal investments into Noble operations.

Cambrini Hazar Coalition

Location: HQ’d on through the Southern Rim Region

A collection of operations that include illegal drugs, holoporn, black market products, illegal arms and smugglers.

Jag’Nok OrcanaSpecies: Houk


Territory: Marcol Rim Region, and the Outer Rim of the Marcol void, Outback side

Activities: Mercenaries and enforcers, arms dealing, assassinations, espionage

The Hagnar GuildLocation: HQ’d on Hagnar Gor with agents through out Chuborro’s organization


A mercenary group of enforcers and arms dealers, it is the Syndicate’s primary enforcer force.

The Jag’Nar Fleet

Location: HQ’d on Vigno’sh Gor in the Marcol Rim Region

A fleet of pirate ships that seem to compete with the infamous Des’Maric Pirates. However, they actually work together.  The have an unwritten alliance that is very mutually beneficial

Ugnog GandrisSpecies: Whiphid

Territory: The Outback area beyond the Marcol Void rim.

Activities: Smuggling, information brokering, mercenaries, piracy, extortion, Outlaw tech, black marketeering, assassination, and espionage

The Timbra Shadow RingLocation: HQ’d Timbra Ott with agents through out the sector


The Timbra Shadow Ring is one of the most secretive organizations in Chuborro’s organization.  It is the primary spec ops group, with it’s hands in all Chuborro’s covert operations.

The Outback Riggers

Location: Sapella

A group of Outlaw techs Chuborro uses for his private needs. Only those he knows is allowed to use them.

Other People in Chuborro’s Organization:

Uluala Dergan

Function: Second in Command and Personal assassin

Species: Falleen

Ulu is a the Hutt’s personal assassin and bodyguard, as well as servant and administrator.  She handles much of his business.  She used to work for Dark Sun and was one of Xixor’s ex-lovers.  She is a bitter female Falleen.

Chuborro’s HQ World: Yog’H’Toth in the Kathol Outback

System: Yog’Hal
Temperature:Temperate to Warm
Atmosphere:Type I Breathable
Hydrosphere:Wet (Many violent storms year round)
Terrain:Mountains, Grassland, Polar ice caps
Length of Day:28 Hours
Length of Year:286 Days
Sapient Species:Mixture of species.  Humans are rare.
Major CitiesBred’iar Hogg (Capitol city), Gren Sil (Space port city), Kendri’Il (Chuborro’s palace located near this city)
Starport: Standard Class
Population: 690 Million
Planet Function:Was a mining colony and research facility for the Kathol Republic, abandoned several decades ago.  Now a simple colony world of wayward travelers from the Core Region, a Free Trader port.  It is the secret HQ of Chuborro the Hutt.
Government:Central Council of all the colony states, overseen by an elected President
Tech Level:Space
Major Exports: Refined Ore, manufactured goods
Major Imports: Raw Ore, high tech
Star: Yog’Hal

Yog’H’Toth is an unfriendly world.  Its atmosphere is very active and turbulent.  The Society is one of the most corrupt anyone has seen, thanks to Chuborro’s presence.  This is the seedier side of the Free traders.  It’s a smuggler’s paradise, by Kathol standards.  There are even signs that read “The Millenium Falcon docked here!!”

The world is also hazardous to high tech equipment, due the over-abundance of electrostatic charges in the atmosphere.  During the harshest storms, people wear protective suits.  Ball lightning is quite common on this world.

Chuborro’s palace is heavily guarded (you have estimates of those) and heavily armed.  It has several planetary-based Turbolaser batteries installed in the mountains around his palace.

Sarne Alliance

Chuborro is allied with Sarne, but it’s a shaky one.  He has been keeping the alliance a secret from many of his deputies, only telling them that he has made a deal that will solidify their organization position in the Rim.  Some in his organization would frown upon it.

In particular, on that last note, there are strong anti-Imperial sentiments in his own security force, the Hagnar Guild.  There already resides a strong rumor of the alliance, but nothing has been confirmed enough to cause unrest.  Many of the mercs are former Imperial slaves, or escaped Imperial prisoners.

Chuborro has had a passion for owning a piece of Darkstryder recently.  Whether this is part of the alliance or not is unknown.  Whether he has gotten a sample of DS Tech is unknown.  This may be what Sarne promised him Or if Chuborro already had some, this maybe why Sarne made the alliance.

There is also a rumor that Chuborro has made another alliance… “An outside interest…”…  The Gree Enclave.

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