Ciar Andros

Ciar Andros

It’s a dog’s life

A Star Frontiers Background

The kaninoid warrior of the grey furred Tor’Drani had memories of his childhood like no other Tor’Drani. Instead of travelling the space lanes gypsy-like in home fleets across the far reaches of known space, the patriarch of the Andros family took his cross-breeded family away from the “reckless” culture of the Tor’Drani tribes. They were of the Tal (meaning “death”) tribe, a harsh and sometimes savage tribe. They did not take kindly to cross-breeding with their distant racial cousins, the Torani.

Ciar was raised on board his father’s freighter, the Meela’Dara’or. They broke away from the tribal fleet around the time Ciar was born in a search to settle down and hide from the Tal inquisitors. Bradlos, his father, was a proud Tor’Drani and Dira was a stunning Torani with noble lineage. But their love would know no bounds.

Folion Morday – a world undiscovered by anyone in the Frontier, on the far reached of Torani space – was the final destination for the Meel’dara’or. It was a peaceful and tranquil world. Bradlos found a place to settle in the tick jungles of one of the equatorial worlds where the atmosphere and the weather was more hospitable. In just a few short years, the Andros family had found their home in a large farm in fertile lands and plenty of game to hunt.

It took the inquisitors of Tal a few short years to find the Andros family. Unfortunately for them, so did a Human expedition looking to settle. Bradlos was in the midst of negotiating a trade deal with the human settlers when the inquisitors attacked.

Seeing Bradlos as an ally, the humans join the fight but to no avail. In the fighting, Bradlos was able to send his wife and four children down the escape trail to the hidden frieghter under a tarp. Despite all their emotional objections, their mother knew she had to leave the Tor’Drani she loved behind to save the children. Before he turned to continue his fight, his father handed his young son a assault rifle from his collection on the mantle.

“Keep this clean and safe and it will take care of you. I had it specially designed for me. And remember, my love for you and your siblings last beyond any the darkest of places you may pass through. Remember who you are. You are an Andros.” Ciar never saw his father again.

Ciar sat in a bar in Port Loren, drinking a Dralasite bourbon. They were weird but they could make a good bourbon. He remembers the last day he saw his mother. She had dropped he and his four siblings off with her Torani brother on the Torani colony Gefelda Kon. It came to no one’s surprise that she would go back and save her husband. Once the pups were safe, she needed to know if Brablos was dead or alive.

He still hears stories of a ship that matches the Meela’Dara’or descriptions raiding in and out of Tal Tor’Drani space. Could they be alive? Why did they never come back? This is what brought young Ciar to Port Loren – to get some answers from a shadowy figure that claimed to know something about the raids.