Clans of Timbra Ott

Clans of Timbra Ott

Location: Timbra Ott

Regional/Planetary Factions.  The Clans of Timbra Ott were fragmented, and warring before the Farstar arrived. they now are working to make Timbra Ott a central gateway world into the Kathol Outback. Each clan has proven to be very radical and different. Timbra Ott was a former penal colony of the Noble Houses, who have agreed to recognize Timbra Ott as an Independent Planet.

House Shador’MarHamron Danz
House Ik’DiganAlredu Marc
MaraganaIssuax Maragana
Bov’Lenn’s Desert RangersGeneral Fedrin Bov’Lenn II
Black Pearlunknown
LiadamorKarn Al’nock’mil
Dark Star Risingunknown
OborosKel Milis
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