Colonial Conflict

Colonial Conflict

This is a campaign I tried to start but never got anywhere with it.  It was my attempt to create a planet bound adventure with depth and adventure.  I don’t think the players like being planet bound.


Star Law Badge

Place: Disputed sector between [S’saran] and [Torani] space.

Planet: Graltuane 4

The PCs are part of a joint colonial effort between the [S’saran] and [Torani].  The [S’saran] corporation UMGRAT Tech (UTech) and the [Torani] Colonial Authority have joined together to form a colony as part of a social experiment to lower tensions between their races. The colony consists of towns or hamlets, on the southern coast of the largest continent on Graltuane 4, near the equator. Graltuane 4 is a temperate world with a wide variety of wildlife and good agricultural potential.

UTech Tech has give plans for Graltuane 4 but one thing stands in their way – the [Torani] Colonial Authority.  Because the planet is technically in a neutral zone, anyone can claim it.  But this sector has been disputed over for quite a long time. The [Torani] have put in a bid to annex the sector, but while the bid was caught up in Sovereignty bureaucracy, UTech  laid a claim as well.  A long court battle ensued ending in a forced joint colonization.  The Sovereignty Council saw this as a great opportunity for one of their colonial social experiments.

The [Torani] government was outraged that their claim was voided by the courts, but quietly accepted the ruling.  However, they secretly plotted against the Umgrat Tech and the [S’sarans]. (UTech) was not happy either.  Although they presented the [Torani] annexation, UTech wanted the whole sector.  They quietly accepted the ruling as well.

Tensions continued to grow between the two factions. The [Torani] Colonial Authority was dealt another crippling blow when the Sovereignty Council courts decided that no [Torani] corporations could colonize on Graltuane 4 unless an equal amount of [S’saran] corporations did the same.  Any corporation that had contracts with the Authority, however, were allowed.  This created a huge backlog of corporations wanted contracts.  Because of this ruling, UTech was able to establish a strong monopoly on many of the markets on the planet.

The [Torani] corporations want the UTech’s hold nullified and will accomplish this any way possible. UTech wants the [Torani] Colonial Authority out so they can exploit the sector to its fullest and are trying every covert option at reach that end.  TO keep all efforts at a low profile, each side has a security unit deployed to the 3-town colony. UTech has sent a special unit – CALIUS’S CREW – a specially formed unit of strictly saurian-origin races (S’saran, Que’Sha, and Saurians with some Dara’Ilan) .  The CREW is stationed out of the eastern-most town of Drakias,  The UTech colonial branch office is located there.  The CREW has light armored explorers and aircares available to them and are waiting on more material (field weaponry).

The [Torani] Colonial Authority have been sent a unit of [Torani] Marines, equipped with the best high tech field equipment, armor, and vehicles the Sovereignty can supply.  These Marines – ABRIOSTUS IRAS TOUK or Knights of the Flaring Sun – are a pack of pure-bred primarily female [Torani] (some say genetically enhanced because they are much larger and stranger than the average [Torani]) that were officially knighted by the Sovereignty High Leader.  They take their knighthood very seriously, down to the Tarok (sir) in front of their names when addressing each other.

The KNIGHTS are stationed in Akronos in Fort Bellius Ira Ariat where also is located the [Torani] Embassy and main HQ for the [Torani] Colonial Authority.  Also located there is the most prominent corporate contractor to the Authority, SHAN ENTERPRISES.  SHAN is struggling against the strong competition with UMGRAT as well as the competition from other Authority contractors.  Because of their loyalty with the [Sovereignty of Torani], most of the covert operations have been focused against UMGRAT but not all.  They, like all Authority Contracts, depend on the KNIGHTS for security.  With more and more contractors arriving though, the KNIGHTS are getting stretched out thin and a request for more troops has been sent.

Some [Torani] corporations have been hiring Mercs to help with security while they want for more Marines. They also have been training employees with weapon handling and security basic skills.  As a result, anyone and everyone is armed in the [Torani] corporation is armed and trained to use it to protect their corporate interests.

As a neutral party, Star Law was contracted by the Sovereignty Council to watch over the colony.  Star Law established a special unit of Marshalls and Rangers to cover this job and they keep a strong hold on the colony.  But dealing with constantly armed citizens who do not necessarily recognize the Star Law’s authority in this sector can be challenging.

Guns laws on this world are very loose.  Star Law’s general rule of thumb is “Keep it in your holster unless your life is threatened.”  Otherwise, it means confiscation and at least one night in the slammer, even if you are a CREW or a KNIGHT.  Mercenaries are frowned upon.  Star Law is the most well armed unit on the colony (for now) and they are not afraid to use it.

The PCs are part of a special Star Law task force – Colonial Rangers of Graltuane 4 under the newly formed joint group called Colonial Law Enforcement AgeNcy (CLEAN).  They will be assigned to the Shadow Rangers, a special “untouchable” unit to watch over actions between the [Torani] and [S’Saran] factions. They must enforce the conditions laid out by the treaty.  Any infringement is considered illegal and violators must be apprehended and deported.  Order must be enforced at all legal costs.

They are under the command of Commander Jacob Williams and his lieutenant (and wife) Lt. Alissa Williams (both human).


Initially there will be a series of unrelated events dealing with common colony life – organized crime rings, unauthorized corporate actions, mercenaries harassing one of the towns, raiders, or robotic ranch hands going haywire. All this is aimed to unit the party as Star Law rangers. This will end up leading to the core adventure “Alien Relocation.” {I think this was inspired by Alien Nation but I never got to write that particular adventure.}

Adventure – Getting initial Supplies:  The Williams are keeping the Shadow Rangers completely secret from the rest of Star Law, Utech and The [Torani] Colonial Authority.  As far as they know, they are just another group of Star Law Rangers as part of the new treaty.  Getting the necessary supplies under this kind of secrecy is going to be difficult.  Williams’ first mission for the newly formed Shadow Rangers is to covertly raid the Confiscated Contraband Warehouse on Graltuane 4.  Gimmick:   This warehouse is the center point of illegal arms deals between corrupt Star Law rangers and UTech hired mercenaries.  When the PCs make their raid, they will be interrupting a deal between the two factions.  Chase – a Truck gets away and the PCs will have to give chase.

Adventure – Pushing the Edge: A local sporting event – vertical grave-racing – goes awry when all but one of the drivers is killed in what seems to be freak accident.  Upon investigation, the surviving driver dies in the hospital of strange circumstances.   Following this race, another race is held (perhaps the minor league of the same racing circuit) – other drivers are killed in the same fashion, except for one, that keeps on accelerating until he disappears into a flash of white light. {PCs can witness this}. Gimmick: The driver in question was unwittingly involved in a corporate or government experiment dealing adrenaline and its effects on psionic powers.

Adventure – In our Mist: Six colonists have been brutally murdered in four standard weeks in a small agric-community north of the Triad, called Misty.  Four of them were well-known village council members and activists for [Torani] domination of the planet.  The others were not-so-well-known members of anti-UTech militant group known as the RED WOLVES.  They were murdered by miscellaneous melee weapons including some modern and advanced melee.  They were found in various areas  – some at home, some out in the fields, others in a river.  Some were found immediately while others were not found until days after their death.  No suspects exist, and local authorities ([Torani] Colonial Authority constables) are less than helpful.  KIRAS IRA TIRA – local constable  for the village and council member for the local council, is their contact there.  She is a former KNIGHT as well – discharged because [Tor’Drani] DNA was found in her blood.  She will be helpful to the players in anyway possible.

The victims are as follows (in order of death):

  1. Jas Ors Toquri – [Torani] town council member representing the Toquri clan and agri-business.  The clan of the Toquri is a major contributor to the town’s prosperity.  They run a majority of the robotic agri-farms.
  2. Borod Ors Cracnora – [Torani] town council member representing the Craconaran (Dark Horizon) Clan.  They are a very reclusive, solemn clan surrounded in a  lot of mystery and mysticism.  They are rumored followers of the old [Torani] religion.  They are the most productive farmers.
  3. Abarosk Orsa Korask – Known activist with the Red Wolves, he is a local arms dealer with a  legal gun shop in town.  He is a member of the Craconaran
  4. Iknora Orsa Akrikora [Torani] town council member represented the controversial Akrikir Roc Clan.  This clan is rumored to have been exiled from their original homeworld, but no one knows why or if the rumors are true.
  5. Korask Orsa Korask – Vice chair of the Town council and former leader of the clan.  She was overthrown by a militant group within her clan. She is rumored to have connections to the Red Wolves.
  6. Shub Orsa Darook – She was a member of the Red Wolves (Known only after her death).  She known to be a rich land owner.  She apparently supplied the Red Wolves with whatever they required.

Other concerns – Professor Black – leader of the crime syndicate moving into this town.

Each death will lead the investigations along various paths based on the character’s background.  But all will end in a dead end.  Examples: Clan Feud – Two [Torani] clans are covertly feuding.  Crime Syndicates – SYNDICATE A gets control of a formerly legitimate “delivery service” that is having labor troubles.  The new bosses hire completely new staff.  The former employees have banded together and are causing trouble.  SYNDICATE B is supporting the militant labor group.

Gimmick: Each victim was killed for separate reasons.  Five of them were killed because they knew too much of one thing or another.  The unrelated victim was killed by the constable, who is really a Doekri “changeling'” hunter from the clan Eztic’ci (?not really sure where I was going with this?).  She killed Korask Orsa Korask, who was in fact a Doekri Changeling.

The others were killed because of their knowledge of what is going on in the mills north of Misty.  In a large crater-like valley, every  night the alien enforcers known as the Morad come down and planet a coffin-like canister inside the ground.  These canisters contain hold prisoners.  Utech scientists, originally there to prospect for mining, now research these coffins and their contents. The Morad are not aware of this.  If they were to find out, they would destroy  all that is Utech on this world.

Initially the PCs find out about the UTech facility in the valley and suspect something suspicious. The Utech facility is hidden within some caverns below the valley and rides that surround the Morad dump site.  The facility is hidden under a sophisticated cloaking device.  There is only activity at night, around the area that these coffins are being dumped.