Rupert’s Hole, Cassadine

Rupert’s Hole, Cassadine

Rupert’s Hole Industrial Agricultural Facility

System: Cassadine
Planet: Cassadine III (Rupert’s Hole) – Trade Space Station Triad 81 (CDC)

Rupert’s Hole was first discovered in the early years of the Frontier and immediately found to be a prime planet for agricultural development. The planet was soon colonized, but despite all of CDCs efforts, the planet would not except the agricultural methods of the colonists. Even when the plagues came, and the Frontier came to depend on the planet as its primary source of food. Soon the burden was too much for the corporation and CDC needed to find some one to bring out the full potential of the planet.

Just as CDC was about to give up on Rupert’s Hole, like angels from the heavens, the united descended from the far reaches into the Frontier in a fleet of assorted ships fitted for long term travel. CDC was the first to encounter them, fortunately, and it was soon discovered that the ships were packed full of a race of humans calling themselves the United; a race of farmers and agricultural experts. Apparently, the United’s home planet, an assumed former-Terran Empire colony, was overrun by an extremely violent race of feline creatures. In a huge effort to save their ways, thousands of their people boarded these ships and launched toward what they hoped would be a new home. The culture of these humans is very simple, relying on very little in the way of technology, and believing in the Way of the Quo, the Bringer and Protector. These humans are very fanatic about their privacy, culture, and their seclusion from the outside “world”. CDC immediately offered them Rupert’s Hole as a new home if they could establish it as a major agricultural planet. All the United ask for was separation; only United were allowed to colonize the planet. The Trade station in orbit would be sectioned off as 75% United use only. The did not want any “outsiders” interfering or staying on planet. Visitors would be strictly watched by the United’s Inquisitor Squads, and no Mentalist would be allowed to board the station or go on planet with out a Psionic Inhibitor. They had an extreme fear of Mental Powers.

CDC agreed, with out hesitation or investigation, and soon Rupert’s Hole became the main food producer of the Frontier Core. There were some doubts as to the United’s intention and their story of where they came from. There was also some talk of investigation into their colony, behind their closed doors. However, these voices were mysteriously silenced and all records of them were conveniently lost.