I sit here in my armored personnel carrier class shuttlecraft and wonder. Why am I here now? Someone once told me that war is man’s favorite pass time. Bullshit! Twenty four hours ago, I was peacefully tanning in the intense rays of Delta 9, on tour of duty on Gorsygin . Tour of duty, my ass. It was a great vacation for us. It was the most beautiful and peaceful planet anyone could ask for, nest to Earth, of course. Yea, there were some small factional and continental skirmishes but because of us, they never grew into anything major. We were really enjoying the break!

This was my first experience in full battle engagement. I have had only a few police actions since I joined the Fleet. I have never even killed anyone. Wounded, but never killed. They say trust your training and everything will come natural. I am having a hard time remembering my training right now.

Now I sit here, holding my trusty ML-190 Blaster Assault weapons waiting for clearance for launch into an orbital drop as part of a massive planetary invasion. Back during my great-great-great… i don’t know how many great – granddad days, it was a massive undertaking just to invade a single nation. Now look at us.

What they hell am I doing here?

It started with a few freighters disappearing in Karian territory. Then threats were exchanged between diplomats and politicians – people you thought new better. Karian corporations complained of Terran products were flooding their markets and killing the economy. Personally, I think Karian stuff is crap and I am not surprised that the Terran products were better.

Now, above Dartog-Frodite, a shit-hole of a planet, we plan to start the full invasion of one of the steller provinces – one that has begged for Terran products. Once again, the wonderful world of business and profit has guided us into a not conflict that is going to cost a ton of lives – lives of people that can’t even afford the products they are trying to sell here.

Looks like we got clearance.