Computerized Analysis Scanners (CAS’s) d20

Computerized Analysis Scanners (CAS’s) d20

The computerized analysis scanner is a highly specialized and sophisticated piece of equipment. It can scan for information, compile the information and analyze it, and then present that information to a being familiar with its functions in a concise readout. Each CAS is covered with microswitchs and small gauges and lights, along with a voice grid that is used for vocal commands, audio replies from the computer, and an S-Comp Link for Droids..

Limitations on CAS use are detailed in the individual skills that apply to them. For each CAS listed below the referee and players can assume the following:

  • Using a CAS requires a succeessful Computer Use Skill check vs. DC 10
  • The CAS must be within one meter of the object or bioform being scanned (unless otherwise stated).
  • Analysis must be prompted (either vocally or via a key pad) by the user with specific queries (suc as “What is the damage to the computer’s circuits?”, “Is the injury treatable using a standard medkit?”, etc.).
  • The CAS can only be interpreted by someone with skills in the area of the CAS’s function (Repair skills for Droid-CAS, Knowledge: botanist skill for Flora-CAS, and so forth).
  • The skill bonuses for the different CAS are only applicable when the devices are being used and do not teach the character new skills.

Atmospheric-CAS: An atmospheric-CAS indicates what levels of radiation, gas, and spores are in the atmosphere surrounding the CAS, what effects they would have on different life forms, and the most likely causes of these atmospheric conditions. This CAS has +3 to Knowledge: Atmospheric or any skill equally appropriate for each query.

Chemical-CAS: A chemical-CAS scans an object (up to a metric ton in weight) and indicates what natural or synthetic chemicals/compounds compose it. This CAS adds a +4 to the Knowledge: Chemistry skill when used on chemical samples.

Demolitions-CAS: A demolitions-CAS can scan explosives, bombs, or mines within two meters, through all materials except federanium, and indicate what ype of explosive it is, what detonation devices are attached, and give suggestions on how to defuse it. This CAS adds a +4 Demolitions skill when defusing.

Droid-CAS: The Droid-CAS is a unique combination of several different scanners. It indicates a robot’s physical condition including suggestions for maintenance, estimated time for repairs, etc. This CAS adds a +6 for the Repair skills when repairing a Droid.

Electro-CAS: An electro-CAS is used to scan electrical circuitry and power sources. It displays how a machine is wired, indicates any breaks in the wiring, and gives suggestions on how to repair it. This CAS adds a +4 for the Disable Device and Computer Use skills when applying it to an electronic security devices; +3 to Repair Skills when repairing electronic devices including Droids and ship or vehicle electical systems. Can not be used with other CASs.

Fauna-CAS: A fauna-CAS is used to scan bioforms. It indicates if the bioform is alive, what type of organism it is, whether it is edible, and extensive information concerning its physiology. This CAS adds a +4 Knowledge: Zoology skill when used on zoological samples.

Flora-CAS: A flora-CAS is used to scan plant life. It indicates if the plant is alive, it is can be a threat to any of the PC species in it’s database, it if is edible, and how it interacts with its immediate surroundings. This CAS adds a +4 to the Knowledge: Botany skill when used on botanical samples.

Geological-CAS: A geological-CAS can scan up to a metric ton of geological samples. It indicates what minerals the samples contain, whether there are likely to be valuable minerals, gas, or oil deposits nearby, and suggests possible geological and mineralogical difficulties associates with these combinations of minerals. This CAS adds a +4 to the Knowledge: Geology skill when used on geological samples.

Magnetic-CAS: A magnetic-CAS can scan up to a metric ton of metallic structure. It indicates what metal and metal alloys are present in the structure, the structure’s weak points, strong points, how it reacts to certain stress, etc. It can also indicate whether any sources of electromagnetic radiation are within 10 meters of the CAS, their strength, direction, and likely source. This CAS adds a +4 to seismic disturbance analysis when using the Knowledge: Geophysics skill. A +4 is added to the following skills when building a device: Craft: Engineering or Profession: Engineer when involving the following: Hydraulics, Mechanics, other Physics.

Mechanical-CAS: A mechanical-CAS can scan a mechanism up to a metric ton in mass. It can show the internal working parts, cracks or breaks, and give suggestions on maintenance. This CAS adds a +4 to the Repair skills. A +2 is added to the Disable Device skill if the device is mechanical.

Medic-CAS: A medic-CAS is used to scan a patient or victim. It indicates the patient’s physical condition, diagnoses ailments, estimates time of survival under present conditions, etc. This CAS adds a +4 to the Treat Injury skill.

Duo-CAS: These units are slightly thicker than normal CAS and can handle two of the functions listed above in one unit, usually in a logical combination such as Electro/Mechanical-CAS. In some instances the referee may wish to modify the bonuses when functions are combined. The cost for a duo-CAS is the combined costs of both CASs plus 20%.

CAS-ProcUnits: These are Cas Processing units, which add more power to the unit and cost 20% the CAS cost. Each CAS has 4 extra slots for ProcUnits, which adds +1 to the bonus. For every 1 Units or fraction there of, the Computer Use Skill DC increases by 2.

Computerized Analysis Scanner (CAS)
CASCost (Cr)Mass(kg)

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