Con labelled as a party con

Con labelled as a party con

Question: There has been a history of cons that have strayed away from the label of “sci-fi con” and fell into the pit of “party cons” label and for some reason, that is seen as bad and destructive to the con. In some ways, I can see why (it’s not family friendly, etc) but getting past that, if the fans guide the con to that direction, why is that bad? Is the con not about the fans and what they want? Or is it something else? I’ve also heard bad things about cons that are strictly about what the con com wants (elitest, etc)… so which is better? Is a balance possible?

Obviously, this is in reference to ConCarolinas. I really would like CC to be a con for the fans, but I don’t want to fall into the same pit that MOC did.

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