Necropolis (ConCarolinas 2017)

Necropolis (ConCarolinas 2017)

SYSTEM: Call of Cthulhu 7e

Another one of the canned adventures by Chaosium for the summer convention season, Necropolis is a short introductions adventure with a simple premise and straightforward purpose.  It is meant to help the players get used to the new aspect of 7th edition Call of Cthulhu.  Again, it is nice to have pre-generated characters provided.

The pre-gen characters were un-named but because I like to have character stands for characters (using dollar store plastic stand-up frames), I gave the players a number of names to choose from so they they could have a simple stand up identifying their characters.

I also did not like the map provided so I created a simple series of map tiles based on the map provided.  No particular scale, I just created something that would work with the paper character minis I always use in CoC.

Below is a PDF of the various aids I created.


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