Concussion Damage

Concussion Damage

Concussion Damage (CON DMG) is caused by a multitude of things; jolts to the skull due to an explosion or fall, bruises caused by ballistic hits against armor. Even if a PC’s armor absorbs the damage from a ballistic hit or an explosion, the PC is going to suffer some superficial wounds from the concussion, and possibly get knocked down.

Concussion can also occur due to a fall. Falling damage covered in the old rules is CON DMG for falling, and should either be taken directly from STA, or the GM can allow some damage be absorbed by any Armor, but the absorbed damage should not be more than the damage taken by the PC. Just how much damage absorbed is up to the GM, and the damage should be taken from multiple hit locations.

Area effects explosions and damaged caused by them are covered in the Zebulon’s Guide, but the damage caused is not compatible with the new Hit Location system, and Armor system. CON DMG will be applied even if the armor absorbs the initial Physical Damage from the explosion. The Area Effect Rules apply in every aspect they cover, but the GM should also calculate the CON DMG using the table to follow this section. Calculate the CON DMG only if the Physical damage did not penetrate the PC’s Armor. Also damage from the explosion should affect multiple hit locations. The GM should make a judgement, and determine what hit locations are effected,. The GM should also make a judgement on how much damage the armor in each location takes, based on the total physical damage inflicted by the explosion

CON DMG from melee weaponry should also be calculated using the system to follow, but use the damage that is inflicted before the Penetrability Rule if applied, if it does apply.

CON DMG is only applied only when the individual PC (or NPC) is wearing Armor, and an impact type hit is absorbed completely by the Armor. It should be only calculated when it has been determined that an attack has not penetrated the Armor.

CON DMG should be taken directly from STA because it is a general measure of damage to the body due to a sudden jolt or impact. Hit location is not necessary if the CON DMG is caused by an Area Effect explosion, or a fall.

PCs with FUR ARMOR benefit from it when calculating CON DMG; they can subtract 2 points from the CON DMG calculated because it is absorbed by the FUR.


Determining how much CON DMG depends on the amount of Physical Damage inflicted onto the outer layer of Armor. The physical damage that should be considered is the actual damage that struck the outer most layer of Armor, after screens, if any.

EXAMPLE: 44 points have struck Bill in the Chest, but he has his Inertia Screens on, so 22 points impact onto his chest Armor, Styrane, which can absorb the 22 points, so the 22 is used in calculating CON DMG.

The following table defines the amount of CON DMG based on the amount of Physical Damage:

Total Damage CON DMG
>= 101
11 – 202
21 – 301d3
31 – 601d6
61 – 1001d10
<= 10010 for hits to locations other than head and chest. Physical Damage/10. for hits to the head and chest.
Concussion Damage Table

Concussion Damage should not exceed 10 points except in the cases of the Vital Hit locations; chest and head, as can be seen the above table.

In the case of Ballistic attacks (non-Area Effect), the following rolls must be made: (d100)

* (1) Roll under (Dex or RS, which ever is higher) – (CON DMG x 5) or knock down.

* (2) For non-Vital areas, Roll under (Current STA) – (CON DMGx 5) or dazed for 1d10 turns (-1d10 CS to everything)

For Vital Area hits, roll under (STA) – (CON DMG x 10) or knock out for 1d10 minutes.