Coreman Theory

Coreman Theory



Sethifer’s device is an elaborate device designed with a complete internal map on bio-chips of all the proto-dimensions known to any and all dark lords and other travelers. It requires vast supply of materials to build, most of which is darktech bio-computer cells. The device, if built right can permanently open dozens of thousands of protodimensions at once, allowing the operator complete access to these protodimensions, and what ever lies within to this world. Sethifer has used his extensive network to begin the construction of this device at several sites across the US, with his central processing area located underneath Mt. Rushmore, in a once secret n-dlitary base for UFO research. The other remote sites include the Grand Canyon, Mt. St. Helens, Kamatsu Kura Building in Atlanta,Washington Monument in DC, and the Grehin Corp HQ Building in Chicago. Some of the sites are complete and are in use by the sorcerer, but others have yet to be completed. There are also prototypes that are stored in the Hoover Dam site in Ohio. He also has larger plans to encompass the continent with projected sites at Mt. McKinley Alaska, the San Andreas Fault Line in California, and other sites in Mexico and Canada. Each device is different, creating its own power through its own means. In order to accomplish this, Sethifer had to combine several; other dark technologies. Due to this and the overall corrupt nature of the Corman device is why the device will not work the way Sethifcr thinks it will. The device is opening the doors that the wizard wants, but not through the traditional means. Normally when the standard traveler opens a portal, it’s like cutting into the fabric of Earth’s Core Dimension. Earth is a Core Dimension with many protodimensions attached to it. In fact, the Earth Core Dimension is one of the most protodimensional rich dimension of all the known Cores, which explains why the Dark Lords have focused so much on Earth. Refcrring back to the cutting analogy, the Corman device doesn’t exactly cut to open a portal; it’s more like a tear in the fabric, less neat and less likely to completely seal. The more tears there are, the weaker the fabric. These tears reach beyond the protodimcnsions, allowing access to nearby Core Dimensions. Unfortunately, the nearest Core is feared by even the dark Lords; Tharkold.


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