Corporations of Conildra Tatil/City of End

Corporations of Conildra Tatil/City of End

gtfocrceGalactic Task Force

GTF recruits mercenaries from Conildra Tatil.  This is the easiest way out of the prison, although the recruits often have second thoughts after going through the GTF training.  The walled in area is the recruitment and initial training center for GTF on planet.

Every once in a while, a unit of GTF mercs perform a military operation inside the city as part of training.  Many times, clans leaders make secret requests for a termination or inform GTF of a hard target that needs to be eliminated, and GTF is more than willing to answer.



Multitech has become the largest subsidiary of Wartech.  In Conildra, they supply a major percentage of the arms that the inmates use on each other.  The walled in Wartech compound is major arms depot and distribution center, as well as a test facility.  It is one of the most secure compounds within the city perimeter.

Arms deals are all secretly made between Multitech and the clans.  Security on both sides are very heavy at these secret deals. Not even Star Law is aware of most of them.  Information on these deals are some of the most coveted intelligences of the city.

Remis Warmachine Manufacturers


The RWM Corporation deals in more than efficient and high power weapons.  They deal in many high tech cybernetics and robotic and commonly test them out in the field at Conildra Tatil.



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