Two Minbari and a Narn – TMAN

Soldier/Ranger/PrC: Ranger Infil.  Allied with the mysterious Rac’Vol Valron, formerly of the Wise Aces mercenary group (played by Chris Fisher). Aspiring Ranger, he has been given a field commission because he has been “touched by Wraith.”

GM Campaign Notes

Becoming a Ranger

At Level 5/6, plans to Multiclass into Ranger.  He can enter into the accelerated training but it will still take time.  Any time he can not attend the game, and it works for the play, he is away training somewhere with another Ranger.

Becoming a Ranger:

  • Training occurs on Tuzanor


  • Step 1: The Burning Time – candidate destroys prized possessions; burns away of the past.
  • Step 2: 9 days of The Three Marks – After 3 days of meditation and fasting, the must pass three tests of wisdom, stamina and ethics. The Mark of Darkness (blindfolded maze), Mark of the Star (fighter piloting through an obstacle course), and Mark of Fire (gauntlet of other Rangers)
  • Step 3: The Oath
  • Training: Each Ranger goes through Lessons. It could take between 6 months to a year.

 IDEA: Field Commission: The Rangers think that Corrin is on to something.  They use this mission as the initiation tests – the Three Marks.

Background Notes: Character tried to get into the Rangers but was rejected.  He is “seeing the universe” and will make another attempt to return to the Rangers after a period of time (multi-class into Ranger, then Ranger Spy Prestige).

Involving the Rangers: The Ranger mandate requires them to go into the “darkness” to investigate any possible threat.  The Wraith will be another aspect of the Shadow War they will investigate.

A revival of the Rac’Kothi Sor – the Rangers realize their mistake with Rac’Val Volron and his Wraith Rangers.  Although he was never officially reinstated into the Rangers, the Rangers in time did see that there was something to his investigations.

Corrin will be told that he is being brought into a new part of the Rangers. Others are also but they are bring kept secret and separate.  Eventually, some will come find him.

The leader of this new group – Mor`ain Valhin – who was the main advocate to establishing the Rac’Kothi, thinks he knows the whole history of the Rac’Kothi but in truth he knows only the Ranger version.

Eventually they are going to want to initiate him into the order and add the tattoos to the back of his head bone.

There are Voices in your Soul … what Corrin knows

Corrin has had two events (so far) that have revealed something to him about the Wraith (1) The Vision within the ruins on Khoulani about the Wraith Hive (2) The soul of Rac’Val VolronOne of these is locked in his mind.

The Vision in the Hive

  • He saw a huge hive of (Shi’Kahil) Wraith in the past on Koulani. Hundreds of dormant Wraith slept in pods lining the walls.
  • He watched as some other Wraith (custodians of this Hive) bought in “sacrifices” from the natives and the hive fed on the victims somehow, leaving a dried husk (presumably it was a telepathic drain of some kind.)
  • Either the technology or the dormant Wraith in the cells acted like a Telepathic Vampire.

Rac’Val Volron’s Soul

  • See The Story of Rac’Val Volron in the Core Plot

Corrin Game log

Session I

Work with maintenance fixing things. Tested in a situation that almost got him spaced out an airlock. This most extreme test, overseen by Allison.

Session II

Helped investigate. Most effected by the flash-bang grenades thrown by the Llort.

Session III

(Was unable to attend.) Corrin was knocked unconscious and left in the ship.

Session IV

(Was unable to attend.) Corrin was so badly hurt that he was taken to a specialist. While being rehabilitated, he was brought before some religious caste. (Initial Ranger meditation). He was told to meditate on his most prized possession of his life.

Session V

Returned to B5 with a message from his “teachers” that his colleagues are in trouble and he must save them. He contacted Joe Means.

Session VI

He is concerned about the Garnac and their possible relation with the Hand and the Warrior clan that enslaved Sha’lan.

Need to work on his Ranger tasks.

Session VII

Through a vision caused by contact with another one of Samantha’s seizures, he saw into the past of what the “Hive” was. A Wraith hive where sentient beings were taken and fed upon. However, he is telepathically programmed not to talk about it.

Session VIII

Soul Hunter Prison Rescue – gained Soul Hunter contacts and a soul crystal containing the soul of “the Wraith Hunter” – Rac’Val Volron.

Session IX

Because he has been “touched” by the wraith, the Rangers gave him a provisional field commission. He went through some basic trials and then they broke the soul crystal over him. The soul of Rac’Val Volron “entered” Corrin, telling him “My work is not done…”  He also recognized the markings of the Volron clan on the back of his bone crest ( the same markings of the clan that Sha’lan hates so much).


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