Creatures of Tharkold

Creatures of Tharkold


Below is a list of creatures that were converted from Torg to Dark Conspiracy. These are from the Creatures of TharkoldSourcebook. Included with each creature is a Dark Conspiracy Tie-In section, which are suggested ways to work the creature into the Dark Conspiracy Mythos. The GM can choose to use these creatures anyway he or she sees fit. This is why not a lot of background and “fleshing out” is written here – primarily to leave the GM with maximum flexibility without loosing the feel of the original creature design. Sections like The Mythology, The Reality, The Behavior and Reproduction are left open for the GM to interpret.


Strength 10 Empathy 1
Constitution 11 Initiative 5
Agility 11 Move 4/9/15/27
Intelligence 6 Skill/Dam 8/1d10
Education 6 Hits 10/20
Charisma 1 Appear 1d6


NEGs are Narcotic Enhanced Ghuls. They are the shock troops and special opertaions soldiers for the Tharkold lords. They are injected with a narcotic that allows them higher brain function then normal Ghuls. However, they have limited use and burn out after a period of time.


Armor: 1.

Nite-star Flails: 4 m long barbed chains 2d6

Plasma Guns (x2):6d6 damage

Plasma dagger: 2d6

Supernatural Weapons/Abilities

Drug-enhanced STR in battle: +1d6 to Str when entering melee

Dark Conspiracy Tie-In

If not using the Tharkold reality in your game, these can easily be some kind of experiement by a corporation or group of ETs.


Strength 1 Empathy
Constitution 2 Initiative 5
Agility 9 Move 30
Intelligence 12 Skill/Dam 9/5D6
Education 9 Hits 9
Charisma Appear 1d20


Small metallic spheres that fly and act as drones. They are about the size of a softball and sprout occult-tech weapons all over their sphereical body. THey are highly manueverable and god killing machines. The have blades, energy weapons and another else that will cause pain and death.

Natural Weapons/Abilities

An array of mono-filament edged blades and small laser weapons (GMs discretion)

Dark Conspiracy Tie-In

Darktech device.

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