Sessions 08 – 12: Criticorum: The Den of Plots

Sessions 08 – 12: Criticorum: The Den of Plots

Dates: 6/24/2006 to 9/16/2006

Where: Planet Criticorum

The first step in putting together the puzzle of the Collection.

The Abbey, The Order of Pyrus, the Dead city of Pompeii and Thunder Mountain

Assault on the Abbey

While Highbreed loyal Tigermen, Molemen and Coyotemen assault the Abbey, the players struggle to solve the mystery of the Altar and the next steps to the Enigma Collection.

The Ritual of the Three

After escaping the Abbey, the group is hired by Lady Baroness Alanna al-Malik to help a cousin – Theafana – find someone (her Twin), who is lost in the forbidden city of Pompeii.

A Demonic Priest has kidnapped her Twin and brought her to the reliquary of the Cathedral of Pompeii. The entire city is infested with Plague Zombies and Plague Weres, and is guarded by the Avestite Pompeii Guard to prevent anyone getting in or leaving.

As it turns out, the “twin” is a Dark Twin that has stolen Theafana’s powers. Accompanying the players, Alanna and Theafana play a major role in the Demoic’s plot to cause the Fading Sun Effect on Criticorums star – The Ritual of Three. Tapping the power that resulted from the fear and despair of the destroyed city of Pompeii, as well as the blood power between the cousins and the Dark Twin, his plan was to summon a dark demon to swallow the Star.

Ritual of Three

  • Lady Alanna – The Alpha
  • Lady Theafana – The Pretender
  • Dark Twin Theafana – The Twin

Fortunately, the players were able to stop him.

Thunder Mountain Complex

(Some events) lead the players to Thunder Mountain Complex, a lost Second Republic (Bashar Corporation) facility in the mountains of Perleria (Criticorum) – Wyoming Mountains. There, they find a cache of weapons that the Highbreed want as well as a Teleportation device that takes them to Tashir Station 9.

(Not entirely sure what happened here but I think this is something I came up with on the fly in-session. I used to ti introduced the proscribed tech of teleporters, this time just keeping it within system.)

Much of the technology found here has been resurrected by being integrated with Crystalline technology.

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