Croatoan Island Craft

Croatoan Island Craft

Started: December, 2017

Phase One – the Build

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This is a very abstract idea I came up with based on several influences.  Combining the Bermuda Triangle mythology, with an alien Moon base, and the general multiverse trope from just about any comic book or sci-fi show these days, I came up with a massive “thing” that is made up of all the lost ships and planes from the Bermuda Triangle (and perhaps similar locations throughout the multiverse).  I just wanted something to represent that but on contain various important locations on this “Island.”  I drew the name from the Roanoke Colony or Lost Colony legend where an entire colony disappeared on an island off the coast of Va/NC.  The only thing left behind was the word “Croatoan” written on a tree. I previously did an adventure similar to this in Stargate.  This was heavily influenced by that.

I slapped together a bunch of packing foam I had laying around (some of which was given to me by my gaming group) and tried to envision what it could be.