Factions: Clans of Croatoan Island/Null Space

The massive conglomeration of ships, planes and other vessels, surrounding the alien space ship that once resided on the dark side of the Moon makes up what is known as Croatoan Island.  Here, survivors of these vessels have persevered in a strange and dark dimension.  All humans, they have come from various Earthly multi-dimensions and formed various factions.  Overcoming language barriers through technology left behind by the First Ones, the people of Croatoan formed many tribes at first.  As the Island grew (assembled by automatic systems setup by the First Ones), the factions grew and conflict became commonplace.

Pre-Clan Wars

Before the Clan Wars, there were 5 major clans and one minor.  

  • The Order – a religious clan that worships the First Ones, claiming they are Angels from Heaven have placed them in a Limbo.  They await their return, when They will bring everyone to Heaven.  In the meantime, they served the Guardians left behind by the First Ones and offer sacrifice to them every time it is required.  This clan was primarily made up of people from the 17th and 18th Century Earth.  The Order tries to stay neutral to all faction politics.
  • The Shorn or the Jaguars – Military groups made up of various soldiers, primarily from Central and South America, lead by a Junta leader.  They were for their bald and painted heads and faces.  They commonly conscripted newcomers and tested them out in their gladiatorial pits.  They were rivals to everyone.
  • The Stars – Primarily Americans from the late 19th and 20th century, as well as a few modern British and Australians, this group is governed democratically with a single leader and a high council.
  • The Reds – Primarily made up of Cubans, Soviet and Chinese communists, there numbers were always small and competed for members with the Shorn. They hated the Stars and the Imperials.
  • The Imperials – Primarily made up of various European factions from the late 18th to early 19th Century, they were enemies of the Reds and had a tentative alliance with the Stars.  
  • The Indies – These are various families and tribes that never joined a major faction.


Tensions grew as the Imperials and the Stars became more and more friendly. The Reds saw the balance of power changing, united with the Shorn and attacked the Imperials and Stars at once.  The war was short and bloody.  In the end, the Reds and the Shorn were reduced to fragments of their former selves.

Post War

The faction realignment after the Wars was significant.

  • The Order – The Order survived by staying out of it. However, secretly, they supported the Stars and the Imperials, who have believers within their ranks.  Now the Order is torn between two factions.  Since the war, they oversaw the unconditional surrender of the losing sides and put themselves in place as lawgivers of the Island.  Both the Feds and the Imps agreed as long as they had representation on the ruling council.
  • The Feds – The Stars and those that supported the alliance between the Stars and the Imperials, joined together to form a Federation, thus Feds.  After the war, however, they became more hard nosed and close minded.  It’s their way or the highway.  Lead by a stronger, less-tolerant leader, he wants to eliminate all outside influences and preserve the “Federation culture”
  • The Imps – Those Imperials that opposed an alliance with the Stars fractured from their clan and formed their own.  The Imps actually resent the name given to them and prefer to call themselves the Royals.  They are those that believe the were born to lead, blessed by God to rule this Limbo.

All that remains of the other factions are called The Feral – fractured members of the hold factions reduced to guerilla war tactics and eking our survival in the remote corners of the island.  They are violent and savage peoples.  They have since most affected by the mental effects of the N-Space.

The Guardians

The cybernetic slaves of the First Ones perform various tasks pre-programmed by their masters.  These include maintaining and growing the Island and all the systems that keep it functions (life support, gravity, food and water production).  At one time, they also “collected samples of the population” for their masters.  However, the Order negotiated a deal with the Guardians to allow them to pick and choose the samples.  Now, as the lawgiver and enforcers, they pick from the prisoners they capture.

The Vrok

The Vrok crew of the Core numbered over 100.  However, many were killed in the initial accident that brought them here.  Only about a dozen survived.  The survivors became known as the First Ones.  However, the general temporal effect of Null Space did not mix well with their immortality.  They built a dampener field to control the temporal effect but it only dampened it.  As they added more to the Core, the dampener field expanded.

Unfortunately, it was not enough.  Null Space was slowly killing the First Ones.  They strengthened the field with whatever they could – nuclear core from a US submarine, massive diesel engines from a freighter, and more.  Meanwhile, the scientists worked to preserve who they were, collectively in a computer matrix – their aim was to transfer their essence into a single organic computer made of other organics not of their own – made from human organics.

As the PCs arrive, the collective consciousnesses of the First Ones are fully merged into the Central Mind, a massive organic computer mind, the nerve-like tendrils of which stretch out over a large part of the Island.  

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