Crtical Hit Damage

Crtical Hit Damage

With the hit location system introduced into Star Frontiers, the rules to follow expand off of it to include a possibility of killing an individual in one Combat Turn if certain areas are hit, and certain damage is done. Most of the following rules apply to humanoid or near humanoid races. For special anatomy characters, application of critical hit rules are up to the GM’s judgement. For example, the Dralasite race would be a difficult race to apply the following rules to, so it is left up to the GM.


If the target is hit in the head (or area where the brain is encased), there is a chance that the brain has sustained too much damage from the shot or hit, and stops functioning thereby killing the PC). Also, there is a chance of unconsciousness, if not death. If the targeted character takes more than or equal to 15% of his Stamina (after armor and screens) in the head, the character must roll Current STA or under on a d100 or immediately become unconsciousness for the {Damage Taken} in minutes. If the target receives more than 20% of his STA (after armor and screens), the target must roll Current STA or under on a d100, or go into a coma for 2d10 hours, after which he will die without treatment or a Freeze Field. If the target is hit with more than 25% of his STA, then the target dies.


There is also a chance the target is hit in a vital organ, such as the heart, and will die immediately. Aliens may have different areas where the vital organs are, but for the most part, all humanoid creatures have the heart and lungs encased in the chest. If the target receives between 20% – 35% of his STA to chest (after armor), the character must roll Current STA or under on a d100 to keep from going unconscious. More than 35% of his STA results in immediate death.


If a character receives damage of 25% or more of his STA to a limb, the limb is incapacitated.

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