Cults of Chaos: A Time of Harvest Episode 2

Cults of Chaos: A Time of Harvest Episode 2

WHERE: MACE 2016 (Charlotte, NC)

WHEN: November 12, 2016

SYSTEM/SETTING: Call of Cthulhu 7e/ 1930 America, Arkham

This adventure was completely different from Episode 1.  It was far less railroading and more free formatted.  I had to egg the characters on to get it going, though.  I had 3 players from the previous session return plus 2 new ones.  This created VERY interesting role playing moments.  Instead of just assuming that they other players were in Episode 1, I made the newcomers students that did not go on the expedition but knew some of the NPCs that did and now are witnessing the “changes” in them.


We had some great roleplay in the beginning, gelling the group together.  They previous players were in such a good funk after getting dorked over in the last adventure.  Not sure if that was all roleplay or them just being tired from partying the previous night.  But I used the newcomers as motivation and the two of them worked so well to energize the group.  Things ended up getting cut short (AGAIN).  The fight in the cemetery ended up being the finale.