Cybernetics, version 2

Cybernetics, version 2

OCRed this from something I had in my files.  I think one of my players wrote this up.

In Star Frontiers, you can be rebuilt, changed, improved. Or that is the standard line. However, you lose a piece of yourself with every new cyberware you have invade your body. You become more machine-like, less empathic. Towards the end you are just a robot, a mechanon, without emotions or feelings. Almost invariably, this drives you violently insane. This cyberpsycosis is only accepted in Mechanon society, where it is not a problem. Everywhere else, you are required to take a psych test and measured for the amount of Cyber you can take. Not take without effect, but take.

All cyberware subtracts from your Per/Ldr, and if you ever go below zero, cyberpsycosis is the inevitable result. As a note, if you get rid of some ‘ware, your Per/Ldr goes back up half what you paid for it. So if it cost 10, you would regain 5 for having it removed.



A specialized form of datajack that allows access into a skillware or memory chip. (PER/LDR loss 1.5.  Cost 1500)


This allows input and output from the datalines, plus you may insert one type A or B progit or one skillsoft. (PER/LDR loss 1.5.  Cost 2000)


This headware allows full-band, limited range communications. The signal is rarely as good as a phone, but the ability to switch bands makes it popular among the military. When transmitting, the user must speak, although he may whisper in very
low tones. (PER/LDR loss 5.5.  Cost 4000) Receiver-only models are available.  (PER/LDR loss 3.5.  Cost 3000)


This specialized datajack allows control of anything connected to the link. (PER/LDR loss 1.0.  Cost 10000).  The user must also purchase the hook ups for the devices desired, however.  (Cost 2000)


A real head phone allows you to access the telenet from your head. The user may speak normally, or, with the pressure on a sub-dermal switch, speak under his breath. (PER/LDR loss 3.75.  Cost 3700)

Cyber Ears

Cyber replacement of the ears typically features an obvious prosthesis that has perfect hearing within normal range. The cyberware wi 11 also accept a minor additional adjustment (one feature of 1.5 P/L or less) without additional impact on the
system. (PER/LDR loss 2.75.  Cost 8000)

Cosmetic modification, Ears or Eyes

There are endless varieties of shapes and sizes available for the fashion conscious of those with something to hide. Ears (PER/LDR loss 0.0.  Cost 2000). For Eyes, alteration of the color is the most popular type, but pupil-shape and cornea pigmentation are also frequently done. Eyes (PER/LDR loss 0.0.  Cost 2000)

Sonic Damper, Ears

This protects the user from sudden increases in noise as well as offering partial protection from damaging frequencies.  (PER/LDR loss 1.5.  Cost 7000)

High Frequency, Ears

The user can hear sounds above the normal human hearing range. (PER/LDR loss 1.50.  Cost 5000)

Low Frequency, Ears

The user can hear sounds below the normal range for humans. (PER/LDR loss 1.50.  Cost 5000)

Recorder, ears

The user can record anything he hears. He can replay recordings in his head, or, if he has a datajack, through a speaker. (PER/LDR loss 4.75.  Cost 12000)

Cyber Eyes

Cyber replacements of normal eyes offers 20/20 vision as standard and almost always involves both eyes, as mismatched pairs send imbalanced signals to the brain. The outward appearance of the implants can be indistinguishable from biological eyes (at least without an eye exam) or outlandish, with gold or neon irised effects. to the high chrome look. Cybereyes will allow up to 3.75 Cyber rating without further effects. (PER/LDR loss 1.5.  Cost 10000)

Cyber Eyes, Retinal modification 

Retinal modification is also available, but each feature adds the P/L cost. Modification of a persons retina to match someone else’s is of course a capital crime, and doesn’t fool retina scanners all that well anyway. In addition, changing more than once can lead to eye damage. (PER/LDR loss 1.0.  Cost 30000)

Camera Eye

The brain can store a digital copy of any picture and if the user has a datajack, print out on a screen or paper. Otherwise, it has to be surgically removed through a port in the eye. (PER/LDR loss 3.0.  Cost 10000)

Flare Compensation, Eye

This protects the user from blinding flashes and simple glare. (PER/LDR loss 1.0.  Cost 4000)

Low-light Vision, Eye

With this cyber modification, the bearer can see equally well in very little light as in day. Note that in complete darkness the user is still blind. (PER/LDR loss 1.5.  Cost 8000)

Thermographic, Eye

This cyberware operates in the infrared spectrum, allowing the user to see heat (or lack of heat) . Note that a strong heat source can blind, just as a bright flash to normal eyes. (PER/LDR loss 1.5.  Cost 8000)

Internal Headware

Cortex Bombs

These are an illegal method of coercion that is particularly effective. A small portion of D-19 is implanted at the brain stem. It can be triggered by timer, remote control, or by tampering with the nervous system of the host. The blast instantly blows up the victim’s head, and it does half damage to anyone within 2 m. (PER/LDR loss 2.0.  Cost 80000)


This is the definition of internal computer space, and it can be used to store and use progits, skillware and information. Note that while it is stored in the person’s head, he cannot access without certain other hardware. It is installed per unit and each unit handles one progit, one skillware or 1 Terabyte of information.  (PER/LDR loss 1.0 per unit.  Cost 2000 per unit)

Datasoft Link

This allows you to utilize the skillware stored in your memory chip. (PER/LDR loss 1.5.  Cost 2000)

Display Link

This allows the user to print out data on his retina or cybereyes, letting him read what is in his head. (PER/LDR loss 1.5.  Cost 2000)

Data Lock

This is a special sensory block that prohibits the wearer from absorbing sensory data into his own memory while he is carrying data in his cybernetic memory. This makes him perfect as a corporate secretary or courier, as he is no more than an organic video recorder while his cybermemory is on record. (PER/LDR loss 1.0.  Cost 4000)

Program Enabler

This lets you activate your progits in your memory. (PER/LDR loss 1.0.  Cost 5000)


These chips contain programmed info on a subject, such as a language, mental, or physical skill. While using the skillware, his own reflexes or memory is overridden, forcing him rely on the program. Active skillsoft requires skillwires to translate the mental impulses into physical action. Data and language skillware can be inserted into a chipjack or datajack. The user needs no other hardware, but the datajack can only be used for the skillware at that time. Skill programs may also be loaded into a memoryware, but the Mp cost is high, as shown below. (PER/LDR loss 0.0  Cost 5000)

 Skill type 123456789+X
 Skill 612181201501804204805401200
 Language 3 6 9 243036708090300


Bodyware is Cyberware implanted in locations other than the user’s head. Some types, such as dermal plating, also involve
additions to the skull.

Dermal Plating

This is an invasive protection system of plates and sythsteel t hat is very effective against damage. Each level of dermal plating offers 15 pts. IP and 5 pts. EP. The armor may be tailored to any surface texture or color. It comes in three strengths. (PER/LDR loss 2.0 per level.  Cost 5000 per level)

Filtration System

These systems operate to protect the user from specified substances. Toxins and gases are at a disadvantage to anyone with a filtration system. For each level of filter, add 10 to your STA for the purpose of opposing gases. A replacement trachea fitted with filters protects the user from smoke and most gases. A specialized form, the artificial gill, allows the user to filter oxygen from water. A kidney replacement will remove toxins from the bloodstream. There is also a system that detoxifies a wide range of poisons, including alcohol, taken orally. (PER/LDR loss 2.25   Cost 8000).

Fingertip Compartment

This is a small storage space that replaces the end digit on one finger. It is perfect for storing data chips, as well as garrote, homers, sensors

Hand Razors

These are 2.5 em chromed steel blades that replace the user’s fingernails. ‘I’he razors anchor to the user’s bones. Retractable versions slide back under synthetic fingernails. Hand razors add 5 to the user’s PS. (PER/LDR loss 2.0   Cost 9000)


Substitute limbs come in two models, obviously cybernetic or discreet. Although replacements are cybernetic, certain feats from comic books are inappropriate. If you try to lift a car with the arms, all that will happen is that they will rip free from the body and causes you a lot of pain. On the other hand, your squeezing strength is dramatically increased, and you do +10 PS when squeezing. Also, cyberlegs can withstand up to twice normal movement without strain. It should be noted that in most cases, the constructor of the limbs will limit them to these levels, in order that the user wi 11 not hurt himself unknowingly. If the
limbs are hit, each add +10 EP and +5 IP, and can take 30 pts without being destroyed beyond use (but not repair). Also, each
limb can hold small devices in a storage hold. Pistols, video recorders, and other small things can be so built into. They cost
nothing in Cyber rating, but they cost four times listed amount in credits. (PER/LDR loss 2.0   Cost 5000)

Muscle Replacement

Implanted, grown muscles may  replace the user’s own. Such replacements give +5 STRand RS. The maximum increase possible is 4 levels.  (PER/LDR loss 2.5 per level.  Cost 8000 per level).


These are the nervous system adapters necessary to use physical skillware. The level of the skillwires limits the rating of the skillsofts, but the wires can be used for any skillsoft. The system does include a chipjack for the skillsofts.   (PER/LDR loss 1.5 per level.  Cost 9000 per level).


If hand razors are claws, spurs are Wolverine material. Each spur is 10 cm long if single, or 5 cm in groups of three. Either way, spurs add +10 to the users PS, and may be used as a lock pick. Retractable versions are available.

Vehicle Control Rig

These are neuro-enhancers and muscular signal transference interfaces. There effect is to work as a cyberhelmet  for all vehicle weapons, and add +1 to the vehicle’s IM, and +1d10 to determine initiative.

Voice Modulator

Voice modulators are popular with entertainers. Stage performers commonly make use of the volume features and singers of the tonal shift. Increased volume makes you into a loudspeaker, and tonal shifts allow perfect bird calls, super singing, and unbelievable voice imitations. Modulations and secondary quavers make detection simple for a vocal pattern recognizer. Secondary patterns, an illegal addition, allow the user to program a second voice into the system that is virtually undetectable as such. Playback allows the user to access an audio record in data storage and reproduce it perfectly.

Wired reflexes

Each level of wired reflexes adds +2 to the users IM, plus an addition 1d10 roll for initiative. There are only 3 levels.  (PER/LDR loss 1.5 per level.  Cost 9000 per level).


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