D6/MasterBook: MasterDeck

D6/MasterBook: MasterDeck

MasterDeck conversion into Star Wars D6

Introduction: The Method to My Madness

The reasoning behind this is simple. To merge what I thought were the redeeming qualities of MasterBook into the D6/Star Wars Game system. “But there already is a MasterBook/D6 conversion system” you say? Of course, I know this. But it does quite convert the MasterDeck system into the D6 system well. I take the conversion one step further, and use some of the MasterBook system in D6, where George Strayton’s system is simply a quick and dirty way to convert existing MB characters into D6. What I will do is use that system, and add the parts of the MasterBook I think D6 needs. It gives the D6/Star Wars System more structure, while holding true to the simplicity and fluidity of the D6 philosophy (at least I hope it does.) The ultimate goal over all was to convert the MasterBook MasterDeck cards into Star Wars, which lead to the need to convey other important aspects of MB into Star Wars/D6, including the concept of the Interaction skill systems, and Results points.

In this vein, I will first post the original MasterBook/D6 Conversion. From there, I will begin to bring in more aspects of the MasterBook system into D6/Star Wars to enhance an already good RPG system. Make a note, my only experience with D6 is the Star Wars system, so from here on out, I will reference it from the Star Wars system perspective. The primary converted systems will be the Result point system, the concepts from Combat/Interaction, and the MasterDeck system. The major change is that the Combat Initiative system from MasterDeck will replace the Star Wars Combat Initiative system all together. This will be explained further in the MasterDeck section.

To follow will be several pages of converted MasterBook rules, which were scanned, OCRed, then edited. For the sake of Copyrights and all that, anything that is NOT significantly changed from the original Masterbook rules, is only reviewed and not discussed in full detail. It is assumed you have the Masterbook rules and a Masterbook deck. Pages are given at the top of each topic where the rules in MasterBook can be found. Refer to those when noted.

Star Wars d6 Masterdeck System

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