System: Daladan Remis

System: Daladan Remis


Daladan Remis

Discovered in 84 Fy by the joint mission between the J’Vaarian Dominion and Terran Expanse.



  1. Wora’Dag – Dead scorched world, mineral rich.
  2. Polomegan – Settled by the Terran Expanse, the planet was a hub of political activity between the Dominion and the Frontier until the Third Sathar War. Local government was set up by the humans, called the Polomegan Confderacy.
  3. Polodema – Settled by the Terran Expanse but the colony was wiped out by a Sathar bombardment in the SW III.
    Diameter: 13,840 km
    Gravity: 0.93
    Day: 42 hours
    Moon: 1 (once colonized, was attacked by Sathars during SWIII)
    Year: 435 days
  1. Maga Marl – Cold rock, uninhabitable. The local colonists were developing a defensive base before the War of the Chain.
  2. Drialadon – Gas Giant. The many moons were sights of potential mining ops by the colonists, before the War of the Chain.


Meaning: The Planet of One in the native tongue.
Nickname: War World

Discovered during the exploration of Daladan Remis system, it was first settled by the J’Vaarian Dominion, primarily by the Terran Expanse in 84 fy. While in the Frontier was raging their war with the Sathars, the Dominion developed the main continent with help with the J’Vaarian Dominion. The main continent was dubbed Holia Mor.

The first encounter with the natives, known simply as Dwellers, came not long after the development of the main continent started. Many of these Dweller tribes were forced to relocate by the Dominion to two unexplored continents on the other side of the planet. These continents were later designated off-limits by the colonists. The Dwellers continents were called Montlanmian Dwelmonor and Ildand Mon’Dwelmoro.


Holia Mor grew to be a hub of Dominion activity and after the SWII, it became a diplomatic center between the Frontier and the Dominion. However, in 113 fy, the lives of all on Polomegan changed. A huge refugee fleet carrying what was left of the Dara’Ilan race landed on Polomegan. To escape the raging war machines and oppressive rule of the Siriusian Empire {Visitors}, the Dara’Ilan abandoned their homeworld to take refuge in Daladan Remis, a world they thought uninhabited. But it seemed they thought wrong.

When the Third Sathar War started, Daladan Remis was cut off from both the Hegemony and the Frontier. Sathars invaded the isolated system, and destroyed mining operations, outer rim colonies and the entire settlement of Polomedan, Polomegan’s sister world.

At the end of the SW III, when the Siriusians were pushed back and the Sathars were all but wiped out, the system of Daladan Remis was devastated. Both the Frontier and the Dominion left the system to die, seeing it as a lost cause. The humans and the Dara’Ilan colonists, however were not going to be left to die.

The two races worked together to rebuild Polomegan. Out of the ashes of a war torn world rose a new mega-corporation called Remis Warmachine Manufacturers (RWM). Already very experienced in war, the humans and dara’ilans (commonly called “squarks” by humans) of Polomegan united in an effort to return Polomegan to its once heralded glory.

But that was not meant to be. War would return to Polomegan in the form of a fanatical faction of beings called the Nazodon or the People of the Chain, in 159 fy.  Armed with massive war-machines called battle ‘mechs, they invaded the world in force.

The People of the Chain are humanoid creatures who cover themselves in cloaks and never reveal themselves. Only after the people of Polomegan were able to gain some victories in the war were they able to recover bodies to find that they were a race of near-humans. They claim to be in search of something called the Chain of Continuance, and ancient artifact of their god.  This has become known as the Chain War.

Polomegan’s Continents


Before the SWIII, the continent was divided up into 4 large countries. These countries fell apart after the Sathar and Siriusian invasion. Their economies, their armies, and their people were in utter chaos until RWM arrived to rebuild. RWM divided up the continent into 8 regions, governed by delegates and councilmen, leaving the western hemisphere to the Dwellers.

Established Territories

Goro Lodmac Frontier 

Some refugees from the Chain War established an area free from Nazodon Mechs and the Dwellers on Montlamiam Dwelmonor. Small feudalistic city-states littler the territory. There general culture is a isolationist mentality, waiting for the wars to be over.

Western Territory of Fordolog 

Capitol: Bagrad Mor

Nazodon Fortresses: Fort Deadlight, Fort Man’s Abyss

The great sea port of Haltmora is the hub of refugee operations. Those few humans and dara’ilans who do not pick up arms and fight again the Nazodon enemy go to this port to get to Goro Lodmac Frontier. The sea faring units of Polomegan freedom fighters resemble the cultures of the Vikings.

Central Western Territory of Balagmia 

Capitol: Mormad Mala Mor

Nazodon Fortresses: Fort Deathmor, Fort Deathmaster, Fort Scar Salt

Being largely a mountainous territory, the cities were built at the foot of the ranges because of the Dwellers. When the Chain War started, the newly formed freedom fighter units were forced to ally with the mountain Dwellers to fight off the ‘mech onslaught. For the first time, Polomegan people fought alongside Dwellers. This is the first and only record of Polomegan and Dweller co-habitation.

North Haven Territory

Capitol: Havitory Mor

Nazodon Fortresses: Fort Warhog

Being one of the coldest regions on Holia Mor, snow covers the ground a majority of the time during the year. But unlike its sister territory, the Northern Territory of Paltig, there is little combat action here. The area is host to most adapted and violent Dwellers known. They Babilo tribe of the Dwellers was actually outwardly active against the Sathars and Siriusians during their invasion. They never attacked human or dara’ilan settlers unless provoked, however. This is one area the Sathar and Siriusian invaders could never get control. Through incredible feats of bravery, sacrifice and ingenuity, the Dwellers here kept their region relatively clear of the invaders. It seemed to some that some incredible leader was organized the Dwellers, training them in sophisticated combat techniques.

When the Chain war came, they showed the same strength and vigor. Their seemingly endless numbers swarmed every Nazodon battlemech garrison to enter their territory. One determined Nazodon commander forcefully established a base in this area. Fighting was bloody and constant for a short period of time until it just stopped. Ever since his arrival, the region has been relatively peaceful. No one knows what happened to the North Haven Dwellers.

Territory of Midlandia

Ruins: Tri-city of Borbagad, Tri-city of Dolondrad, Tri-city of Popolandrag

Capitol: Nadoria Mor

Nazodon Fortresses: Fort Cutthroat, Fort Bladeshard, Fort Slash, Fort Dagger.

The mystic land of Midlandia is known for it mysteries, some of which baffle even the most learned Mentalist scholars. Three ancient cities, lying in a perfect equilateral triangle across the land, seems to be the focuses of these mysteries. Archeologists say these were built before the last great Dweller king and the Emborian Empire, which he built. They were once huge megalopolises and were built by some ancient aliens that visited this world before the Dwellers became civilized.

Now the cities lay abandoned but not in waste. The vast arrays of stone and crystalline buildings have withstood millennia of natural disasters, uncountable wars, and natural erosion without a scratch. The color has faded over time, but the superstructure of every building remains intact.

No one has ever entered the grand walls of any of the cities and returned. Legend says that a few of the ancestors of the builders still exist, but in different forms, perhaps pure energy or some other ethereal form. These few know the secrets of the cities. It is also said that there is a vast maze underneath the cities, revealing a vast subterranean kingdom.

The Chain War has not ignored Midlandia despite its mystical reputation. Polomegan freedom fighters and Nazodon mech warriors do battle all over the territory, however no fighting occurs near or in the Tri-cities. Even the Nazodon recognize the significance and leave them alone as if they were holy ground.

Eastern Territory of Dralbid Stron

Capitol: Trithili Mor

Nazodon Fortresses: Fort Warworld, Fort Illrain, Fort Drysea, Fort Bloodthirst, Fort Sharkfeed.

The grand territory of Dralbid Stron was the heaviest developed area before the Chain War. It was its own kingdom in its own right. IT was host to the RWM headquarters and some of the richest entrepreneurs. There were four great cities – Pondrilia More, Nakmidia Mor, Trilithi Mor, and Fodlandia Mor. These cities were hubs of the most expensive legal and illegal deals on Polomegan.

With the coming of the Chain War, the entrepreneurs, millionaires, and kingpins all went underground with the rest of the population, taking their riches and hirelings with them. They each built their own underground kingdom.

During the start of the Chain War invasion, half of the underground rich formed a coalition to feed off the war. This group became known as the Credators. They hired their own private army called the Highwaymen.

The other half of these underground rich funded the most formidable and well-equipped group of freedom fighters known collectively as the Liberators. There is constant conflict between the two forces.

Norther Territory of Palig

Capitol: Mechland (named by Nazodon, military capitol)

Nazodon Fortresses: Fort Leviathon, Fort Godthrust, Fort Scale, Fort ColdBlood, Fort Drysnow.

When the Chain War started, the mech dropships hit Palig first. The territory has the least freedom fighter activity on the planet and is the most pacified by the Nazodon. The only action occurs along the border with Dralbid Stron, with the Liberator units that harass Nazodon forces there. The Nazodon main invasion operation headquarters is located here and is guarded by 3 units of the best battlemeach pilots the Nazodon can supply.

North & South Canal Territory

The great sea ports of the two territories lay in ruin since the start of the Chain War. Survivors of the orbital bombardment travel in small tribes in the dense jungles. Most of the jungles are unexplored and treacherous.