Dämmerung, Edge of Twilight

Dämmerung, Edge of Twilight

PRW Corporation placed a mining colony on Mercury named Dämmerung.  It was built on a massive mobile platform that would the Mercurian surface, at varying longitudes and latitudes, gathering various rare minerals along the surface.  To avoid the heat of the Mercurian day, the massive platform constantly stayed on the dark side while mining, stopping only to pick up larger or more valuable deposits.

Headed up by PRW executive Klemens Grünspan, Dämmerung became his magnum opus.  However, by the other executives, it was seen as a behemoth bound to fail. Grünspan built a home base in a crater in the Northpole regions (that are virtually always in the dark), for maintenance and offloading of payloads.  This change created a more consistent profit from its operation and the board was pleased.  More ventures ar currently in the planning.

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