Physical Description

The Dara’Ilan are a very unique race as far as appearance goes. A certain Alliance xenobiologist described them as a “a humanoid mixture of a terran turtle, a shark and a octopus”. Evolving from amphibious mammals, all Dara’ilan are able to breath underwater as easy as in normal atmosphere. They are usually between 1.8 meters and 2.5 meters tall, an extremely large race. They are a carbon-based humanoid species, with a body comprised of an enlarged turtle-like head, shark like air-slits on the sides of it, two arms and legs, and a torso and abdomen,. Their feet are four pronged claws, with three tentacle-like appendages hanging out the ankle area. They have two of the same tentacles protruding out their wrists. They have, what xenobiologists call “two and a half hearts”. If the two are damaged, the third half-heart will keep the Dara’ilan alive in a coma state until medical treatment is received. Average life span of the Dara’ilan is 400 standard years.

Average Size: 2.2 m
Average Mass: 184 kg
Average Life-span: 400 yrs
Reproduction: Heterosexual, oviparous
Body Temp: 33 degrees C

Historical Details

The Dara’ilan had a large empire for centuries in their own sector of space, until the Siriusian-Sathar Union Expansion Wars destroyed it and their homeworld. In a huge exodus, a major part of the Dara’ilan population escaped while the last of their Imperial fleet held back the Siriusian Fleet. They made a long trek across the cosmos to many systems, including Daladan Remis, to take refuge.


Dara’Ilan have highly sensitive hearing senses and smelling senses. Their eyesight is slightly below human standards, and everything else is the same.

Speech and Language

Dara’Ilan have their own language that no other race has mastered. Most of the language is unheard by human ears because of the high frequency nature of the language, which is called Biss’i. The language consists of high pitch screeches and,low guttural pops, all forming a very complicated form of communication. Most standard polyvoxes or Trans-Comps can not translate it without special modifications. Dara’Ilans have some trouble with Pan-Gal Common, so most speak with a very thick accent. Most of the time though, they get their point across.


Dara’Ilans have a strong distrust of Siriusians, but the Que’Sha (those Siriusians who chose to fight their own kind and help out the victims) are very trusted and considered brethren by the Dara’Ilan. There is no extreme dislike for any other race in the Dara’ilan people, and with the human especially, they seem to have a strong tie.

Social Structure and Standards

The Dara’ilan basic social unit is a polygamist family, with the female having many husbands and many offspring. The offspring are hatched from eggs that are submerged in a pond or any body of fresh water. They stay their until 3 standard years after birth, when it metamorphoses into the mature form.

The Dara’ilan society, after their conquering, centered on the survival of their species. Although the majority of the population is on Polomegan fighting a war with the Humans against the Nazodani, they still center on the reviving of their species after a near annihilation. A family with many children is very highly respected.

The Dara’ilan have an almost unmatched talent for military tactics and strategies on a large or small scale. They took the Daladan Remis situation as a challenge. When a Dara’ilan sees a challenge, they are the first to attempt a solution and usually, it works.

The Dara’ilan also have a strong honor code when it comes to friends and allies. There is nothing they won’t give up or do for a proven and trusted friend.

Racial Abilities

Breathe Water: All Dara’ilan can breathe underwater as easily as they can breathe air.

Camouflage: All Dara’ilan can change the color to match its surrounding at will. From dark, shadowy greys and blacks to bright sea greens and blues.

Claws & Tail Attack: Dara’lian get +4 points to Punching Score and an extra attack when the PC wishes with the tail at {DEX/2}% chance. Target must roll a RS check to escape a grab, if the attacking PC wishes to grab with his three-tentacle tail. Specialization in Weapons: Martial Arts (Tail Attack) Level [1d3]. In the case when a PC’s Weapons: Martial Arts is higher than the Tail Attack Martial Arts, use the higher value in a tail attack. On a Green success or better, the PC has successfully grappled with the three tentacles at the end of his/her tail.

Tactics Skill Level [1d3]. Success Rate: Skill Level. It is rolled in combat situations, when the Dara’Ilan PC is with a group or party. Upon success, the Dara`Ilan has a certain amount of Dice Modifying points, in a Dice Modifying Pool, Maximum equal to the Dara’Ilan PC’s LOG/2, modified by the Result Color, i.e. Cobalt – use full Pool; Blue – use 3/4 Pool; Green – use 1/2 Pool; Yellow – use 1/4 Pool. The Dara’Ilan can use this Dice Modifying Pool to benefit anyone in the Group he chooses, by applying points to the PCs Dice Roll as negative modifiers, before the Roll. The PC rolls and subtracts the points allotted to him/her by the Dara’Ilan PC from the Roll.