Dark Conspiracy in Alternity

Dark Conspiracy in Alternity

Converting Characters


Dark Conspiracy Attributes are calculated through a 2d6-2 roll (other than Empathy). Alternity Attributes are calculated by a 2D6+2 roll. For all Attributes, to convert from Dark Conspiracy to Alternity, do the following:

Alternity Attribute = Dark Conspiracy Attribute + 4

Follow the following Table to determine which DC Attribute corresponds to which Alt Attribute:

DC AttributesAlternity Attributes
Strength (STR)Strength
Agility (AGL)Dexterity
Constitution (CON)Constitution
Education (EDU)Intelligence
Intelligence (INT)Will
Charisma (CHA)Personality

Empathy doesn’t directly translate to Alternity, however, if the player is a Empath of some kind, but has particular low EDU, INT, CON, or CHA, that person can use his Empathy to effect those lower scores. He can do the follwing:

New Alternity Score = [(Dark Conspiracy Score +(Empathy x 2)) / 2] + 4

This must be done with the GMs discretion. It should only be used to the Alternity Attributes the character will use as part of his new Alternity Psi character.

Other Character Creations Notes:

Psi-Points: Because FX will be used in Alternity Dark Conspiracy, all Psi players must double their Psi points to be competitive.

FX Powers: Only Arcane Magic FX and Faith FX are compatible with Dark Conspiracy, however, Super Power FX would make for an interesting Dark Conspiracy game. That’s left to the GM

Psi Talents: Psi Talents do exist in Alternity: Dark Conspiracy.

FX Talents: FX Talents do exist in Alternity: Dark Conspiracy.

Mutations: Mutations can exists.

Cybernetics: Cybernetics only exists at Progress Level 6 (only for corporate cronies and the Idle Rich). Some PL 7 Cyber does exist, but only those that deal with ETs.

Equipment and Progress Level: In general, for normal characters, use the Dark Matter equipment sourcebooks. Use the Progress Level of Dark Matter, as well.


Because of the Alternity mechanic of Broad versus Specialty skills, Dark Conspiracy Skill Levels are not directly translated. Instead, the following method is used to translate DC Skill Levels into Alternity.

Dark Conspiracy Levels
Alternity Skill Ranks
Level 1-2Broad Skill
3+Broad Skill and (DC Level – 2) Ranks in the applicable Specialty Skills (See below for applicable skills) **

** – These ranks can be distributed among any number of specialties.

If the character has two skills that translate into the same Alternity skill, the player simply translates the total ranks into the skill. For example, if the player has Pilot (Rotary) Level 4 and Pilot (Fixed Wing) Level 3, it translates to the Vehicle Ops broad skill and 5 Ranks to Vehicle Ops: Air.

While assigning skills, it’s important to keep a tally of the total skills points spent to get these ranks. Starting Dark Conspiracy characters do not translate directly into starting Alternity characters, so the skill point total will be used to calculate the current Alternity character’s Achievement Level.

Some skills convert directly while others are more ambiguous. The Specialty skills listed below in Italics and in parentheses indicate a choice of specialties.

DC Attribute
Dark Conspiracy Skills

Alternity Skills
STRArcheryRanged Weapons Primitive: BowDEX
Heavy WeaponsHeavy Weapons: (Direct or Indirect)STR
MechanicTechnical Science: (Repair)INT
Melee Combat (Unarmed)Unarmed Attack (Brawl or Power Martial Arts)STR
Melee Combat (Armed)Melee Weapons (Blade or Bludgeon)STR
Small Arms (Pistol)Ranged Weapons Modern: PistolDEX
Small Arms (Rifle)Ranged Weapons Modern: (Rifle or SMG )DEX
Thrown WeaponsAthletics: ThrowSTR

ClimbingAthletics: ClimbingSTR
HorsemanshipAnimal Handling: Animal RidingWIL
ParachuteAcrobatics: DaredevilDEX
SwimmingMovement: SwimCON
Vessel Use (Boat)Vehicle Ops: WaterDEX
Vessel (Ship)Vehicle Ops: WaterDEX
Vessel (Hovercraft)Vehicle Ops: AirDEX

AcrobaticsAcrobatics: (any specialty)DEX
DemolitionsDemolitions: (any specialty)INT
ElectronicsTechnical Science: RepairINT
ForgeryCreativity: ForgeryWIL
Lock pickManipulation: Lock pickDEX
PickpocketManipulation: PickpocketDEX
StealthStealth: SneakDEX

NavigationNavigation: Navigate SurfaceINT
ObservationAwareness: PerceptionWIL
Pilot (Fixed Wing)Vehicle Ops: AirDEX
Pilot (Rotary)Vehicle Ops: AirDEX
Pilot (Shuttle)Vehicle Ops: SpaceDEX
PsychologyMedical Science: PsychologyINT
StalkingStealth: ShadowDEX
TrackingInvestigate: TrackINT
Vehicle Use (Motorcycle)Vehicle Ops: LandDEX
Vehicle Use (Wheeled)Vehicle Ops: LandDEX
Vehicle Use (Heavy Vehicle)Vehicle Ops: LandDEX
WillpowerResolve: MentalWIL

BiologyLife Science: BiologyINT
BusinessBusiness (any specialty)INT
ChemistryPhysical Science: ChemistryINT
Computer OperationsKnowledge: Computer OperationsINT
EngineerTechnical Science: (any specialty)INT
MedicalMedical Science: (Forensics or Medical Knowledge or Surgery or Treatment)INT
PhysicsPhysical Science: PhysicsINT

Act/BluffEntertainment: Act or Deception: BluffPER
BargainInteraction: BargainPER
DisguiseEntertainment: ActPER
InstructionTeach (any specialty)WIL
InterrogationInvestigate: InterrogationWIL
LanguageKnowledge: LanguageINT
LeadershipLeadership: (any specialty)PER
LuckPerk: Good Luck
PersuasionInteraction: (Charm or Seduce)PER

Animal EmpathyESP: EmpathyINT
Computer EmpathyTelepathy: DatalinkPER
Empathic HealingBiokinesis: HealCON
ForebodingESP: PrecognitionINT
Human EmpathyESP: EmpathyINT
Project EmotionTelepathy: Empathic ProjectionINT
Project ThoughtTelepathy: SuggestPER
Willpower DrainTelepathy: (Tire or Drain)PER

Advanced Empathic Powers

DC AttributeDark Conspiracy Skills
Alternity Skills

Dimension WalkTelepathy: Psychic ProjectionPER
ClairaudienceESP: ClairaudienceINT
ClairavoyanceESP: ClairaudienceINT
CryokinesisTelekinesis: CryokinesisWIL
ESPESP: PrecognitionINT
Metal AttackTelepathy: Mind BlastPER
Mind ShieldTelepathy: Mind ShieldPER
Psionic ScanESP: SensitivityINT
PyrokinesisTelekinesis: PyrokinesisWIL
Self-HealingBiokinesis: HealCON
TelekinesisTelekinesis: PsycokineticsWIL
TelepathyTelepathy: ContactPER
TeleportationPsychoportation: ApportationWIL
Change Environment (Short Term)GM’s Discretion
Change Environment (Extended)GM’s Discretion
Change Environment (Special)GM’s Discretion
Close PortalGM’s Discretion
PhaseBiokinesis: IntangibilityCON
Sorcerous FlightTelekinesis: LevitationWIL
Sorcerous TelekinesisTelekinesis: PsycokineticsWIL
PsychometryESP: PsychometryINT
InvulnerabilityBiokinesis: Bio-ArmorCON
Darkling EmpathyESP: EmpathyINT
Aura ReadingESP: EmpathyINT
Psychic InvulnerabilityTelepathy: Mind ShieldPER
Psychic TrackingESP: NavgonitionINT
Psychic BeaconGM’s Discretion
Time “Travel”ESP: PostcognitionINT
Dream IntrusionGM’s Discretion
ExcorcismMonotheism: ExcorismWIL
HypnosisMesmerism: HypnotizePER
PossessionTelepathy: PossessWIL
Psychic InvisibilityTelepathy: ObscureWIL
Psychic SurgeryGM’s Discretion
Astral CombatGM’s Discretion