Dark New York City

Dark New York City

(Among the Dead expansion)


Chase Fargo BankMajor Financial Institution
Wall-Street TimesMajor Media conglomerate
TojiCorpOne of the mega-corps main US HQs
NY CitiLife Bank & FinancialsMajor Financial conglomerate


City Government is Influenced primarily by the financial mega-corporations that call NYC it’s home.

All the Federal agencies have offices here.

The UN Building is abandoned and for sale. No on has claimed it yet.

LaGuardia Airport continues to be a site for major air traffic, but also a site for corporate low-orbit shuttle launches.


New York University

Columbia University

Criminal & Gang Activity

Tweed Gang – A Strong criminal organization that controls a large portion of the organized crime in NY.

Los Muertos – primarily Hispanic and Afro-American gang, they have skeleton-tattoos that not only show at night but also glow in the dark.

Vamps – Mostly white-affluent teenagers looking to beat up on the lower classes and cause trouble, they are also the smallest but most influential. They have a heavy Goth-motif.

Franks – Mostly Russian and Eastern Europe teens from the Mikes of NY, they are brutal and strong. They are the most feared for the cruelty. They also tend to be the most cybered of all the gangs – mostly first-gen left overs from the early 21st century.

Minion Hunting and Secret Societies

The Sub-Dwellers – An over-abundance of homeless have moved underground, and live in the maintenance and abandoned subway halls, and sewers.

The Watchtower – Catholic Church of NY has sponsored a secret society of minion hunters and investigators. They are super secret agents of the Catholic Church in NY, and not even the Vatican knows about them (although they have their own organization)

Para-Site – Internet based radical investigative and conspiratorial group that has in the past been discounted and ridiced by government and corporate agencies as “conspiracy freaks”. They claim to be the best source for all that is secret and dark in NYC, but half the time their information is inaccurate or false.

The Chamber – A secret over-watch committee consisting of 10 heads of the most power corporation in NY, who secretly influence NYC and surrounding county politics.

Occt Activity

Minions have found NYC an easy place to hide and reside. Whole underground covens and cabals of these creatures exist throughout the city.

Several cts exists through out New York City, but the most prominent are the following:

Order of the Wind – a Druidic order tracing back to the Celtic Irish immigrants that came over to NYC. Their cover is what’s left of the Sierra Club in NYC, and they have been rumored to sponsor eco-terrorist attacks on many of the industrial corporation in NY and NJ.

Los Ninos de la Chupacabras – A largely Hispanic ct of worshipers and followers of the Chupacabras, a crypto-zooligical beast in many Hispanic urban areas.

New Faith Movement– A religious movement that has a front of the old Baptist/Presbyterian church, but is more sinister behind the scenes.

Cts fester mostly within the clubs and night haunts of NYC, and recruit from the drug-induced and easily swayed young victims of the Greater Depression.

Rumors & Mysteries

Ghost Train – There is a new rumor that one of the subways trains of NY leads to nowhere and people have disappeared by unwittingly boarding the wrong train and being taken away by this ghost train.

Roosevelt Island is haunted – In-mates of the old prison and the old insane asylum are said to be wondering the island at night. Psychics say the two groups hate each other, for their history of the criminals taking “care” of the insane in the asylum during the 1800s. This hatred influences some around the island and drives them to do insane and cruel things.

NYC Society

NYC citizens are two types – Mikes or Gnomes. All the Proles live in NJ.

Body-Modification: One of the most recent trends is body-modification, especially with light-sensitive tattoos (invisible during the daylight, but vivid at night). The night club scene is fl of heavily body-pierced and tattooed individuals.

NYC night-life is said to be the most wild in the world. Most “normal” citizens stay in their homes at night.

Sports are a lot more lenient on the body enhancements and drug usage. Athletes now don’t even seem human any more, gen-gineered specifically for their sport. The Yankees, the Mets, the Giants, and the Nicks all still exist – all using a huge mti-sport complex downtown. The Jets were sold to NJ.

NY Harbor has changed. At one point, the City thought it wod be a good place to build low-cost housing – underwater. The technology had become more affordable before the Greater Depression, with all the underwater colonies across the world and several colonies on the moon and Mars, not to mention the High Colonies (space stations). They were built just below the traffic line, so that it didn’t interfere with boat traffic. They built several under-water communities for the homeless, and the low-income…. And forgot about them. At the bottom of the harbor are thousands of connected communities that most people know little about. They are now referred to as the Harbor-Bottom communities, and many legends of mutations and insanity has arisen from the knowledge of their existence.