Movie: Darkness

Movie: Darkness

Just watched Darkness on DVD. It could have been a really good scary movie if it had stayed within a believable mythology for the entity. The very end seemed a stretch for me and a little confusing.

The photography was fantastic and very scary. Well done and a good scare. I just wished it was a little more consistant with the creature/entity/ghost.

Also, not sure why the child was pestered by the ghost when it was the dad it wanted, unless it was trying to say that the child was just more sensitive to the whole situation.

I do have to compliment it on the unconventional ending in one way… the bad guy one, the big ritual that theywere trying to prevent completed, and we’re left with a sense of dread afterwards.

Good combination of haunting, occult mythology, and not showing too much at once. The director used special effects as little as possible and focused on editting, lighting, camera work and sound to make it all work well together.

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