Denora Barad

Denora Barad

Human Intelligence Agent

Stellar Nation: StarMech Collective.  Agent Assigned to hunt the last Warhulk.

A brilliant, attractive woman of 29, Denora Barad holds the rank of major in the StarMech Intelligence Division. She is a technical expert, not a spy, and uses her formidable computer skills to work with the best equipment StarMech can put in her hands. She’s currently assigned to the StarMech embassy on Aegis as the top intelligence agent. Up to now, she’s been an operative, not a manager, and this is her first big leadership assignment Denora is assertive and outspoken, somewhat given to outbursts of emotion. She never lets a matter drop and tenaciously pursues the most formidable tasks until she gets things done to her satisfaction-a difficult feat since she’s a perfectionist. She feels personally responsible for the success of the mission to disarm the Warhulk and she’ll harry the heroes relentlessly when the mission becomes complicated. At heart, Denora is just a little bit insecure in her role as a hard-boiled intelligence officer.



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