Design Log 2

Design Log 2

Skills in d6 needed streamlining and my approach was to roll up as many as I could into generic versions of the skills.  There were too many redundant skills and also skills were made for the sake of settings and although I can appreciate that, if you want to make a truly robust system, one set of skills needs to be made for all settings.  This is where you will see the influence of True20 on this redesign.

First I rolled up several skills into one single relevant skill – all repair and create skills are rolled up into Craft, all device related skills rolled up into Device, weapons skills rolled up into either primitive and modern weapons skills. In doing that, I had to make a new type of skills called a Focus skill (another True20 influence).  These are skills, upon putting dice into them, the player must choose an area of focus.  For example, Device – Computers,  Modern Ranged Weapon – Light Arms.  These too can have specializations but they have to have focuses.  I rolled up all Speaking and Read/Writing skills into a Language skills.  D6 Fantasy notion of splitting them out was quaint but I felt it was sort of a waste.

I was using several sources while going through the skills.  All three books in the D6 Series as well as the D6 System book WEG released during the heyday of the Star Wars d6 days.  The D6 System book had a lot of other skills listed that I wanted to make sure were covered with my new skills.  I did not want that material to go to waste while at the same time I wanted skills to have more opportunity for a non-extranormal skill based character to have an impact.  True20 has something called Challenges which I liked.  D20 had something called Skill Synergies.  I kind of stole those ideas, simplified them and used the D6 System skills for some of the new skill uses.  In the end, I have two types of skill synergies – Skill Knacks and Skill Bonus synergies.  I listed a few but I think there is a possibilities for more.

Next I think I will talk about the optional class system.

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