Die Hard the Hunters Part 1

Die Hard the Hunters Part 1

The three humans walked up the gangway into a small unmarked transport class star freighter – the Star Slinger. Officially it was here in Port Trescha to pick up some mundane cargo. Unofficially, Captain Brax Seldron was here to pick up some very rich passengers with particular tastes in past times.

Captain Brax watched the three humans – one male and two female. His labor and navbot – RX-47or Rex – stood beside him menacing. The male was the primary contact and the man with the money – Dadra Lodia’dak. His escorts were his two wives – Tyra and Brade. The three of them were the force behind Heldra Conglomerates and Holding, one of the regions most powerful financial firms. They paid a lot for this clandestine meeting.

As the primary approached the captain, Brax said softly. “I don’t have to remind you that what you are asking me to do is very illegal. You paid for secrecy and you got it. You paid for safe travels and you have it. My loyalty last as long as the credits keep flowing.” He nodded to the gun cases each carried. “Stow your gear, you won’t be needing those guns until you reach planet surface. As soon as we are there, you are paying me the last installment. I will wait in orbit for your signal when you wish to be picked up.”

The blue-eyed blond Tyra looked at Brax untrustingly “How do we know you won’t abandon us?”

“I am a businessman like you good folks. It’s not good for business to abandoned prospects. I’d like to have your business again.” Brax responded.

The droid turned and walked back the bridge with all their gear in its extendable arms. “Thanks, Rex.” The Captain said to the non-responsive bot. He had his response protocols shortened down to minimal response because he did not want his droids being too chatty.

Both ladies looked at each other and the green-eyed brunette Brade said with a devious smile “Take us to Roulrad III, Captain.”

Roulrad III’s jungle was hot, like a newly born planet. The atmosphere was thick and full of ash particulates. It was a good thing Dadra brought these respirator masks.

“Descent piece of shit planet you have found here, Tyra,” said the older man. All three were geared up in civilian big game hunting clothes and armor – the best a civilian could but. Their rifles were high end hunting rifles with scope systems that would make an Terran Imperial sniper jealous.

Brade, the newest spouse of the trio was obviously out of her element. She was making a brave attempt of adapting but the sheer number of bugs was driving her crazy. She had gone on a few hunting trips with the other two but this one was the farthest they had gone out and the worst location. “OK, let’s get this show on the road. I want to shoot something.” That’s the past she liked the most. The hunt and the kill was what drive her, and in most cases, made it easy to ignore the unpleasant locations. But this place was the worst.

Roulrad III was only recently discovered and ruled off limits to space travel by the Terran Imperial Council. All of the sudden, The Terran Imperial Expanse has grown concerned about the number of young planets and cultures they have either influenced or destroyed. Anyone remember Drelna Beltiar? They didn’t seem to care then. But now?

Tyra nearly shot the captain as he left because of the fake smile. She did not trust him at all. Even on the 3 week trip over, during all the partying and site-seeing from jump point to jump point, she kept an eye on the captain. Even when she slept with him, it was to make sure he wasn’t hiding anything.

The pouching group walked into the thick jungle with full intentions of taking out something. Dadra wants a trophy in his trophy room and what they were hunting was a valuable prize.

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