Die Hard the Hunters Part 3

Die Hard the Hunters Part 3

“You did what, captain?” The comlink to Imperial Terran Law cruise Wyatt Earp was fuzzy and had a long delay, despite being a subspace link. The Siren System is really active today.

“Commander, let’s just say I cut through a lot of red tape. You know, arrest reports, impound records, lawyers, shit like that. I thought you would appreciate the cleanliness of it. A pouching hunt gone wrong. ” Brax smiled.

Bounty Hunting was a tough business nad you had to make some hard decisions some times. This guy Dadra was so rich that he would have gotten away with what he was doing and done more,. That psycho wife of his Tyra would have seen to that. It’s a shame that young Brade got all caught up in it but she made her choices.

“You realize by communicating the way you did to those savages, you violated Terran Imperial law too.” The commander of the Wyatt Earp said.

“Look, you know as well as I do that he would have paid his way out of it and been back doing business again the next month. This way, no one is the wiser and we stop some evil people.” Brax hoped that would convince the commander this was a legit bounty.

“How did you communicate it to those things? You weren’t trained in Linguistics while you were a marine, were you?” The Commander obviously did not like his methods but he might be OK with the results.

“Nope. But I did take some art clasess back in the day. That helped.” Brax laughed.