Diego Garzah*

Diego Garzah*

Human Quintassential Scoundrel, deal-maker, rising Crime boss.

Quote: “I can almost guarantee a 100% gain in your initial capital investment with next to no possible liability in loss.” – Given to group of possible investors (read: suckers) in a somewhat dubious enterprise that lies in a ‘gray’ area of the law (read: illegal)

“No comment.” – Concerning an official investigation by Imperial Customs Agents on suspected smuggling charges

“I’ll take the 5th” – either given during trial or given as an order in a bar (there seems to be some confusion on which)

“I don’t give quotes.” – Given to the Holonet Inquisitor

“Speaking strictly off the record of course.” – Commenting about a rival to the same Holonet Inquisitor reporter above

“I can neither confirm nor deny these allegations about me at this time.” – quote 20 years in the future during Diego’s second term in Office in the New Republic’s Senate