The Dirty Pair/Lovely Angels

The Dirty Pair/Lovely Angels

Humans Troubleshooters from the Corporate Sector, 3WA Corporation (played by Mike G. & Wayne D.)

(a.k.a. The Dirty Pair (DP) a.k.a. the Lovely Angels (LA))Human “trouble consultants” from the Corporate Sector; employees of the now collapsed 3WA. – (From Jap-Anime fame…) The Lovely Angels, as they like to be called, are two female freelance enforcers from the WWWA (3WA) Corporation in the Corporate Sector. The 3WA, a major corporation in the business of investigation and freelance law enforcement, is a maverick corp. that has been a thorn in the Corporate Authorities side since the Empire took power. It’s rapid growth and support among the CS Fringe worlds has worried the CSA that they would have their own Rebel Alliance soon.

The DP themselves have had a rocky past in the employment of 3WA. Specially trained mercenary enforcers and investigators, they have been plagued with catastrophic events that always seem to happen when they are around. Cities lay waste, thousands of innocence killed, space station fall from orbit, and sometimes planets explode when the Dirty Pair are around.In fact, they have built a reputation and a cult following throughout the galaxy because of these mishaps, of which they have not been found responsible for in any way. They are usually accompanied by Mughi, their large panther-like creature, but he was left behind in the CS to keep an eye on things.

Once 3WA collapsed, the DP were on their own to collect the pieces. There are thousands of safe houses, and hiding places where much of the 3WA assets were hidden, and it’s up to them to get the material back to the Rebel Alliance.


Age 19
WWWA Trouble Consultant
Code Name: Lovely Angel
Code Number: 234U
Birthdate: 03:18:
Blood Type A (RH+)
Born on Planet Koucha, CSA
HT: 168cm; WT: 54kg
B: 84cm; W: 56cm; H: 90cm
Hair: Black
Eyes: Hazel
Education: Planet Mezuil University
CSA Service No.: 101161
Favoite Color: Lime Green

Yuri is the calmer of the two (but not by much) except when she gets mad. Then watch out. Her choice of weapons is slightly more discreet than Kei’s, but she’s a crack shot. She is also very skilled in unarmed combat. She thinks of herself as the intellectual type, but in fact has very bad judgement. Somehow the situations always get out of hand. Yuri tends to be the more feminine of the two. She spends more time on her appearance than her partner, but doesn’t date as often. She had a childhood sweethart named Billy Galet.


Age 19
WWWA Trouble Consultant
Code Neme: Lovely Angel
Code Number: 234k
Birthdate: 11:27:
Blood Type A (RH+)
Born on Planet Nhioghi, CSA
Ht: 171cm; WT: 58kg
B: 91cm; W: 55cm; H: 91cm
Hair: Red
Eyes: Brown
Education Planet Mezuil University
Civil Service No.: 101761
Favorite Food: Corellian Cheesecake

Kei is more aggressive in love and war. Her standard weapon is a large blaster, dwarfing Yuri’s more petit sized weapon. She is an expert shot and, like Yuri, is highly skilled in unarmed combat. Kei is very impatient and spontaneous, and usually votes for action, any action. Kei tends to be slightly tomboyish, but dates a number of men. Though she hasn’t managed to find a steady relationship. In fact, she tends to pursue the men and ends up getting herself and Yuri in lots of trouble.


The Pair’s putative “pet.”, of a mysterious race neither know anything about, he’s smart enough to pilot a spaceship, and help out with the engineering tasks.

 The Dirty Pair & Star Wars

The Corporate Sector itself has a long history that goes back to the beginnings of the old Republic. In the beginning, it was a sector of great and peaceful prosperity, with wide areas to expand, and honorable corporations that the Republic watched with a close eye to ensure no corruption arose. Slavery was illegal as well as interference with developing planets, and ecological concerns were also considered on every venture.

However, when the old Republic began its slow road to destruction, the Corporate Sector began it ruthless evolution to what it is today. At the beginning of the Republic’s collapse is when the WWWA was formed. As the Republic paid less and less attention to the Corporate Sector, more and more problems arose. Those who wanted to stay true to the honor of the Republic formed the 3WA to solve of these problems because the local authority set up by the Galactic Corporate Policy League (the original Corporate Sector ruling body) proved ineffective. The 3WA prospered greatly for a short while. When the Corporate Sector Authority took over as the ruling body, taking all the corporations under their tyrannical wing, expanding into the “uninhabited” Expansion zones, and allying with the newly formed Empire as their primary corporate ally, the 3WA’s existence was threatened. The true honor of the old Republic was gone, so they had to survive somehow. They gave into the power of the CSA, and became a Contributing Sponsor of the corrupt government. With slavery reinstated, as well as many other previously illegal activities, problems began to arise again. The CSA has authorized the 3WA to handle many of the high risk problems, especially those on the Fringe. The 3WA chooses to handle them in there own way, sometimes not the way the CSA would like, but still getting the job done. However, in the true tradition of corporate hostile take-over and corporate espionage, the 3WA is secretly undermining the CSA in every effort, although never leaving specific evidence to prove it. There are those in the 3WA that like this time of prosperity and are loyal to the CSA, and these individuals are kept in the dark. The majority of the Board of Directors in 3WA feel that dealing with slavers and murderers is not a way to make money a person can be proud of.

The Lovely Angels is secretly the 3WA pride and joy. Their freak accidents and destructive “black cloud” seem to almost always effect the CSA the most, especially in collateral damage. Because the 3WA power and investments into the CSA are now significant and because of the fact that nothing can be proved, the Lovely Angels are allowed to continue there “rampage”. This explains their continued existence, although the CSA would pay handsomely for there untimely demise.

Recently, the LA have been sent into Imperial space to recruit new agents and new work, perhaps scout out the progress of the Rebel Alliance. At the same time, their pet Mughi was kidnapped from their ship. Reports said it was done by Imperial agents, in search of suspected Force-sensitive animals. With this as the LA’s primary motivation, and the fact that they wanted to put the LA out of the lime-light for a while, the 3WA sent them on this mission. Unfortunately, their search for Mughi has not gone well. Since entering Imperial space, they have gotten lost several times, chased by many bounty hunters hired by the CSA, and found that it isn’t cheap running a ship in Imperial space. So they decided to take up freight hauling to fund their search for poor Mughi, and hired a Scout/Engineer to help them along. Imperial space has proven to be big, and pretty harsh on their ship, so any help they can get will help. Mughi remains in the back if their minds, and they continue to look for any sign.

History of the Lovely Angels v2.1

By Mike “Kei” Goines and Edited by Ron McClung

Source of the events are listed in parenthesis. All events except the last few occurred in the Corporate Sector over several year. Dates are estimated. (BSW4 – Before Star Wars Episode 4 – A New Hope; ASW4 – After Star Wars Episode 4A New Hope)

8 yrs BSW4The Angels receive their 3WA training on the planet Shimogu. At one point, they break curfew, head for a bar, run into a director for Urquidez Vidpro, and end up in a two minute bit in the kung fu movie “Revenge of the Fists of the Eight Drunken Monkeys.” (Dirty Pair: A Plague of Angels)
8 yrs BSW4On their first mission, somehow, a nuke goes off by accident. (Mentioned in Dirty Pair II.)
7 yrs BSW4They are paired up with Shasti and Deirdre, a veteran Trouble Consultant team, and sent after Lacombe, a vicious, brutal pirate. During the course of the job, Shasti betrays them, killing Deirdre, and nearly killing the Angels. After recovering from their injuries, the Angels receive their licenses. (Dirty Pair II.)
7 yrs BSW4The Baron Kitalock murder on Tevious. (Mentioned in the book The Great Adventure of the Dirty Pair.)
7 yrs BSW4The child kidnapping on Kelbat. (Mentioned in the book, as well as the first Dirty Pair comic.)
6 yrs BSW4The Castle Geboro affair on Orius, which escalated from a small incident to a global disaster, leaving the planet a ghost planet where no one has been able to live since. (Mentioned in the book and first comic. Interesting to note that Kei thought it was rather violent.)
6 yrs BSW4The Angels sent to Dangle to investigate the cause of an explosion at a Gravis Foundation research facility. Their ship is attacked while they are coming in for a landing, but they beat off the attack. One of their attackers escapes, crashing into a Galopogos spaceliner. They trace the source of the explosion to an orbiting space center, which they board. After taking control of the station, they are leaving the system when the station’s engines start up, and cause the station to crash into the city of Tascopolis, killing 1.2 million people and laying waste to the continent. (Great Adventure of the Dirty Pair.)
6 yrs BSW4The Angels capture Corrigan, AWOL from the special forces, on the DuChamp space station. 50 killed when a grenade goes off, destroying a section of the space station’s ring. (Dirty Pair comic book.)
5 yrs BSW4They are sent to Pacifica to aid in averting a blowar incident. They free Kelvin O’Donnel from rival industrialist Streib, but he is arrested for the manufacture of biowar weapons of his own. 100,000 killed when a biowar sample gets released. (Dirty Pair comic book.)
5 yrs BSW4While on vacation on Rocinante, they run into Shasti again. Somehow, they are able to prevent her theft of the warp engines used on the Lyra, a Megalith class luxury liner. Unknown number killed when the ship crashes into the capital city of Saris. ((Dirty Pair II.)
4 yrs BSW4Living on the O’Neill space station Kalevala, they become involved in a “simple” smuggling case. Also during that time, the reporter Cory Emerson is sent to interview them in an attempt to improve their image. During the chase of the Artificial Personality terrorists, a mech gets loose with a grav bomb, which eventually goes off, causing great damage to the station. Their lawsuit against the system wide ban is still pending. (Dirty Pair: A Plague of Angels.)
4 yrs BSW4The La Mere incident. 3,500 injured. (Mentioned in the TV episode, “How to Kill a Computer.”)
3 yrs BSW4They are sent to the planet Poisonville to rescue engineers who are being used to create a new space fighter. One of the engineers is Billy Galet, Yuri’s childhood boyfriend, who had earlier sent her a message. They rescue the engineers, but not Billy. Kei finds out that he died, and left a droid that sent the message. She decides not to tell Yuri that Billy isn’t dead. (TV episode.)
3 yrs BSW4The Angels visit Ukball. (Affair on Nolandia.)
2 yrs BSW4Angels return to Shimogu for Kei’s annual evaluation. Their memories of the occasion are wiped, as is usually done after evaluation. (Sim Hell.)
2 yrs BSW4Flight 005 Conspiracy.
2 yrs BSW4An attempt to stop a vizorium smuggling ring results in the destruction of the artificial ring surrounding the planet. They are then sent to mediate the dispute between the quarreling nations of Agerna. During the chaos, the native lifeform is awakened, and wipes out the human inhabitants of the planet. (Project EDEN)
1 yrs BSW4They are sent into the Empire to find new agents, and scout out the Rebel Alliance. Also, to let things cool down for them back in the Corporate Sector.
1/2 yrs BSW4In an effort to make money, the Angels agree to deliver a load of fuel to an Imperial Navy base. Somehow, the wrong fuel ends up on a Star Destroyer, destroying it. (Ron.)
1/2 year ASW4On Tatooine, they take on passengers, and things go downhill from there. One of them is a Jedi with a greater penchant for destruction than the Angels.

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