Djunei Lostras

Djunei Lostras

Illonis Monk/Ranger/Fighter/Gun Dancer.Artathi Ranger/RogueShip Security (Matt H.)

From FFG L&L Mythic Races

Shrouded in mystery and plagued by a curse that has haunted them for more than a millennium, the illonis move from plane to plane on a seemingly hopeless quest. The illonis’ plane of origin is unclear as is the reason they are doomed to wander the multiverse. Generations of rumors, hearsay, and tall tales have blurred the line between fact and fiction, even among the illonis themselves. It is thought that the illonis were once a proud race of traders and explorers who pioneered several methods of planar travel when the human race was still young.

Intelligent and daring, the illonis traveled the multiverse, trading exotic goods across the infinite planes. Then the peaceful race incited the fury of a vengeful god. Legend has it that the illonis elders cast a high priest of an evil deity into unknown planes during a confrontation in which the cleric attempted to steal the travelers’ secrets. Enraged by the
incident, the dark god laid a horrid curse on the illonis, dooming them to a life of misery as they were magically compelled to search the multiverse for the lost priest. They would never see their home plane again and never find lasting acceptance in the worlds they traveled.

Within the Dragon Empire, Illonis are rare but have been seen. The image of the race they once were is all but lost to the passage of time and the ravages of a cursed existence, and all illonis now face the challenges of finding a small measure of acceptance in the Empire.

Illonis are gaunt humanoid creatures standing between 6 and 6.5 feet tall, weighing an average of 155 lbs. They have thin gray skin spotted by black birthmarks that appear like a sort of branding. Most illonis have deep gray or black hair
worn at varying lengths depending on the individual. Many, even the women, have recently taken to shaving their heads.

Illonis possess many of the standard humanoid characteristics: two arms, two legs, a mouth, nose, and ears. All of these features are reminiscent of the human or elven races but for two notable differences. First, illonis possess six long, triple-jointed digits on each hand, and this feature gives them remarkable talents with musical instruments. Secondly, illonis have no eyes but rather see with a strange form of echosense.

Stories suggest the race was once known for its art and culture, hence the cruelty of the deity’s curse: With no eyes
and no sense of color, the illonis’ artistic abilities are now almost entirely limited to music. Most illonis take great care to hide their affliction from others, wearing blindfolds, deep hoods, or other coverings.

Djunei Lostras is a former corporate assassin for Kelvington-Wade Corporation that left their service after refusing to assassinate Hryss. He is now wanted by K-W, travelling with a bounty on his head.

Key Character Plot points

Corporation Connections: Throughout the campaign, Djunei had corporate connections that continued to pop up. He also had contacts with assassins and bounty hunters in the region. One particular of these was Grondelok Orug, an Orc bounty hunter.

He started down a path to redeem himself in the eyes of the corporation, by first working with the Dragons. Grondelok Orug presented Djunei a chance to do this very thing. “Finish the job!”

He has a Desiny: Something is leading Djunei to a destiny he knows nothing about. He just knows that something terrible will one day emerge from the Dark Zone and he will be a key of many to stop it. He feels his true self will immerge when the time is right. He feels that confronting the Faceless man will be the first step on the Journey.

And the Gems shall choose a champion…

Solan-ridolus Paladins

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