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  1. From: SpicerN
    To: seawolf
    Date: Saturday, November 08, 1997 7:58 AM
    Subject: Re: Input about Rase Lao …

    Okay … how about this: In my Heroes of Tomorrow background, Rase suffered a horrible disease when he was younger … he survived it. .. and became immune to disease altogether. Perhaps that experience has led him to find cures for all kinds of biological and biochemical hazards to the human body. It could easily be his main purpose in life. I like the idea of a romance between Genna Seedar and the field medic … if he’s interested in saving human lives from disease, that could easily make him an interesting person to her. I’m
    not real clear on how Rase wound up on Kai’Shebbol though … am I a native of the Kathol sector? Or did something lead me here, like my work, for instance? I know I’ve served time in the military, but I don’t want that to be a big part of my character’s life … he’s always been more interested in finding exotic species of plant and animal life to study how they defend against diseases and harsh environments. In other words, he’s more of a student of life than a military gung-ho type … but then, you probably already knew that. That’s it for now … let me know if I should come up with more detail on anything.