Draconum, off-shoot Saurians

Draconum, off-shoot Saurians

draconumThe Draconum are an off-shoot mutant saurian sub-race from around the time of the cataclysm.  To help the saurian race survive and fend off the Orcs, Draconum were created through the genetic merging of saurians and dragons.  The result was an uncontrollable army of large saurian beasts that nearly wiped out their makers.

Saurians rejected them as mutants.  The few dragon communities that exists rejected them as lesser beings.  They were a barbaric tribe of creatures, banished by all that made up their DNA.  When the cataclysm feel upon the world, the Draconum took refuge like everyone else, underground.  Over time, they evolved to a much less barbaric species, developed scholars and learned to tap the magical blood of their dragon ancestors.

It is said that they were is search of a Dragon master that would accept them and lead them to “glory” to avenge against their saurian cousins.  During the Endless Night, their existence fell to obscurity and legend.  They became a story told to children or a parable told by clerics. Also dragons all but died out after the cataclysm and those that survived are animalistic and non-intelligent.  Intelligent dragons are a myth as well.

One particular sect of saurian clerics speak of the “Rise of the Draconum” as a prophecy of the downfall of the saurian race.  The rise of the draconums means they found a dragon master and are returning to wipe out their cousins, the saurians.

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