Star Wars: Dragon Wars

Star Wars: Dragon Wars

Dragon Wars

Setting/System: Star Wars d6

Started: 6/1995 (estimated)

When/Where: UNCC Campus, Denny

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After years of running Star Frontiers and then a couple of years running Shatterzone, I finally bit the bullet and got into Star Wars d6. I did not like it when I first tried First Edition. Second Edition was definitely and improvement and in that year, I proceeded to empty the local Media Play of all its Star Wars books. I invested quite a bit into the Star Wars universe in those years. Little did I know that Shatterzone was the dumping ground for all things WEG wrote for Star Wars that was rejected by Lucas Films. So my conversions from Shatterzone were really what WEG intended. In the end, Star Wars setting felt very natural to me.

This was my first Star Wars campaign, and my first experience in d6. I had just finished my Shatterzone campaign and that game along with Masterbook was losing favor with the WEG fans, so I moved over to Star Wars. d6 seemed to be a system best suited for my GMing style, but retrospectively it has its flaws.  This campaign was started with a concept I explored back in my Early Days in Star Frontiers (Stellar Dragons). Tying them into the Jedi was not all that hard so I created an plotline that followed along side the classic movies behind the scenes. Perhaps it was more epic, which may seem a little blasphemous to some, but in those years, it was go big or bo home for me.A portion of the campaign was “hijacked” by some players by them bringing in a totally different aspect into Star Wars – Anime, specifically The Dirty Pair. I indirectly tied them into the Stellar Dragon plot, so their antics were interwoven into an epic, making things fairly interesting.


I’ve developed an epic plot that is somewhat inspired by two things: Babylon 5 and the Dragonlance first trilogy of books, which I read back in high school. I don’t read the Dragonlance anymore, but the dragon’s in AD&D have always fascinated me. Putting space dragons in a sci-fi game was something I did in Star Frontiers back in high school, and I decided to re-awaken the idea in SW RPG. It’s a lot more in-depth than just a bunch of dragons flying in space.

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