From: Fat Dragon Games

Reviewed by:  Ron W McClung

DROID TECH – No.1 SR-75 SENTRY DROID is a new PDF Sourcebook from Fat Dragon Games.

Piloting another line of Tech series, Fat Dragon has started a series based on robots.  They have a parallel tech line for ships.  The first of the Droidtech series, the SR-75 series of sentry droids is the basis of a series of security droid models all described in the short PDF.

From page # 4:

“The SR-75 series of sentry droids is produced by Standard Robotics Inc. with Hughes Microtechnologies acting as primary supplier for the onboard sensor package.”

Like the other Tech series by Fat Dragon, this PDF is simple and to the point.  Only 10 pages, it describes the basic model SR-75 in non-game terms and then three variations are laid out in game terms.  All three robots are fully stat’ed out in D20 Future terms, at Progress Level 6.  The three models (A, B and C) all have different applications.  Model A was the original production unit and is used as a basic security unit.  With more and more demand for military applications, the Model B was released with more armor, heavier weapons and an AI upgrade.  The model C was a heavier version of the B, also for the military.  The PDF also adds a few new robot gadgets and gear – Class IIIa Sensor System (PL 5), Duralloy Plus Armor (PL 6), and X25 Laser Carbine (PL 6).

In conclusion, overall I like this PDF a lot and it is priced right.  The CG rendering of the robots is top notch and really adds to the value of this PDF.  I look forward to more Droidtech in the future.

For more details on Fat Dragon Games and their new PDF Sourcebook “DROID TECH – No.1 SR-75 SENTRY DROID” check them out at their website http://XProductWebsiteX.


From: Fat Dragon Games

Type of Game: PDF Sourcebook

Written by: Tom Tullis

Number of Pages: 10

Game Components Included: 1 PDF File

Game Components Not Included: Coe d20 Modern/Future Rulebooks

Retail Price: $ 1.50 (US)

Item Number: Type Manufacture’s Item Number

Website: www.fatdragongames.com

Reviewed by: Ron W McClung