Durshara, Elven (Drow) Warrior

Durshara, Elven (Drow) Warrior

The dark elves of Vulkana are treated as the lowest of the elf-kind. Considered a corrupted off-shoot species, the Drow have lived in constant mistrust and persecution since the end of the Endless Night.  Choosing to live underground in hidden communities does not help their cause. Durshara is from the city-state of Zaknimar, deep under the surface of the northern reaches of Broken Spires.  The people of Zaknimar are proud of their resilience and stamina.  Strangely, a point of pride to them is the Zaor River, a toxic flow that runs through the middle of the city. No one knows where it comes from and where it ends, but their people have developed a strong resistance against poisons because of it.

Born to a father who bred hunting beasts called “tunnel hounds” and a mother who was a master swordsman, he was the first of 4 children.  His father, a stout elf of mixed lineage named Pharon was a great hunter and animal friend.  His mother Qilavin was colorful she-drow with a endearing way of speaking.

Tunnel Hounds

The leader of the tribe at the time – a drow named Omardax Hun’urden – required every family to donate a child’s DNA for a clone army he was building.  Durshara’s mother , a  high ranking officer in the tribes military objected but was forced to give him her oldest son for this cause.  Six clones where made of Durshara and were sent off to some mysterious underground war.  None returned and the leader’s son took over the tribe a year later.

As a child, Durshara pursued the martial arts like his mother, taking a liking to archery over blades.  Qilavin enlisted a warrior friend to help in Durshara’s tutelage.  Unfortunately, this mentor learned that Durshara was the donor for the Omardax’s Shadow Talon army and shunned the family. It was at this time that his mother quit the city-state military and pursued a mercenary way of life.

As an adolescent, he commonly hunted with his father and his pack of tunnel hounds.  On one particular trip, the hounds picked up the scent of something new.  Curiosity drove the party deeper into the underground than they had been before.  Durshara slipped and fell down a crag, into a pit of slithering snakes. Immune to their poisons, Durshara’s father was able to retrieve his son unharmed.  However, Durshara suffered from the traumatic experience by developing a fear of snakes.

After coming of age, Durshara set out on his own.  His father told him of his own ancestry, and that his grandfather – a elf from the Tasmetra Basin – was someone he should seek out.  His grandfather turned out to be Baryn Lhalambra, owner of a well-known weaponsmithing operation in Nastora. Baryn is a renowned member of the Mercenaries Guild of Nestora.  Upon arrival, Baryn welcomed his grandson with open arms and offered him a seat on the Lhalambra Arms.  Feeling he needed more experience, Durshara asked Baryn to hold that seat until he felt worthy of it.

Ever since meeting Baryn, Durshara has felt his life was meant for great things.  His dreams have been filled with great battles of old, great warrior lofting magic swords and londs long forgotten.  He has since learned that his younger sister has become a research scientist, delving into some of the strange sciences the last leader of Zaknimar Omardax experimented with.


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    At one point during the journey to this Malrath Valley and the town of Gilkan, Durrash had a dream that he can not seem to get out of his head since he found the underground facility.

    “Darkness fades to a smoke covered battlefield light by fires and the light of the planet’s moon. Engaged in armed conflict are two armies – one of men, saurian, elf and dwarf and the other of dark and chaotic demons. You can not tell if this is future or past.

    “At the frontlines of the battle are 5 individuals, armored in gilded steel, and wielding what appears to be magical weapons. One in particular is a white-silvery lance glowing with bright light. The chaos seems to retreat from the light, its rays burning their rotted flash. And then you realize that the wielder is a dark elf like yourself!”


    Durshara found training with the frail human to be entertaining and at times challenging. His name is Mardaryn Pezaros and although he did not appear to be an elf, he definitely had elf blood in him. He was blind and his head was hairless. He preferred polearms and staffs. He danced like he had wings and constantly spoke in riddles while he fought.

    It drove Durshara crazy that the old man continuous babbled about something or another while training. Mardaryn seemed to know just how to push his buttons while fighting. His insight into Durshara and his life was unsettling. He knew things he should not have known. He dug deep, surfacing angers, fears and nightmare of a life long forgotten. But for some reason, Durshara returned for more each day.

    One particular engaging round with the little man continues to haunt Durshara daily. Among the random ramblings, Mardaryn said …

    “Dark choices will have to be made. A pit of snakes could await you. WIll they make the choice you guide them to or will Chaos of prevail?”

    Summoning up the image of the the snake pit haunted him for weeks. He later said something else that seemed to randomly be related to it.

    “Choose between inner order or outer chaos.

    “Choose between peace or rage.

    “Choose between destiny or honor.

    “Choose between the Will or the Way.

    “Choose between a one or many.

    “Choose between heritage or the future.”

    He onces again found a way to beat Durshara after this.

  3. The Company

    Durshara sent a request to Lhalambra Arms for some supplies for the party. Since things has gotten a little more “serious” (with the whole Chaos Rising and all…), he thought tapping into that resource was justified. Unfortunately, he was the only one that felt it was justified.

    A response via robotic courier arrived a few days later. It was a simple holo-message projector from the board members of the corporation.

    “Honorable sir, we can not quite understand how you can be requesting such supplies when you are here in Nestora running your grandfather’s business. After Sir Lhalambra disappearance and presumed death, the truly honorable Durshara took his place on the throne of Lhalambra Arms.

    Who ever you are, you are certainly an imposter and not welcome within the walls of Nestora. You must have used proscribed doppleganger magic to appear and sound like Sir Durshara. As a result, there will be a warrant for your arrest if you enter Nestora.”