Durshara (GM Notes)

Durshara (GM Notes)

Important things of note

  1. Blood of Heroes – he knows he holds of the Blood of Heroes
  2. Lhalambra Arms – relative owns a company.  Durshara holds a owning seat on the board but has not taken it up.
  3. Grew up in “Underdark” city Zaknimar, which had a toxic river running through the middle.
  4. Father raised tunnel hounds
  5. Shadow Talon army – 6 clones were made from his DNA during his childhood to fight a mysterious war.
  6. Fear of Snakes

Plot Potential

Blood of Heroes

  • Help the rest of the group discover their blood of heroes.
  • (core plot connection)
  • Orb – Lady in the orb connected to the Blood of Heroes

Lhalambra Arms

  • Victim of Chaos.  Already planted Lhalambra Arms weapons in the possession of a dracomnum (stolen or bought?)
  • IDEA: Some way or another, Durshara learns that Lhalambra Arms is being controlled by elements or agents of Chaos.  How?
    • Grandfather sends a message
    • Gets subtle clues as he tries to access resources