Enigmus Caen

Enigmus Caen

Status: deceased

Second Republic Human. Student of Doramos, the world shaper. Insane fanatic. One of the writers of the Enigmus Collection Transcripts.


Enigmus Caen was born on a world in chaos, some world lost to the ages.  It was torn by war prior to his birth.  His family lived in a barbaric world of violence and warlords.  The world was destroyed by nuclear and biological weapons in some conflict long forgotten.  Government and corporations left the world to fend for itself.  The world was wrought with nuclear wastelands and tectonic upheaval.

Caen’s father was a scavenger and his mother was a whore.  The kids raised themselves.  He was the oldest of 3, having a younger brother and sister.  His brother grew to be a saddle and riding harness craftsmen while his sister became a local mage.

Early in his childhood, Caen was involved in thievery and gang violence.  Most people could already tell there was something wrong with Caen.  He was careless and foolish as a thief.  However, it paid off because he became familiar with the secret passages of a local warlord’s palace, gaining many secrets from within.

In early adolescence, Caen developed an addiction to a local narcotic.  This narcotic drove him to violent fits, and he was beaten within an inch of life after killing one of his fellow gang members.  He was forced to be on his own and learn his father’s trade of scavenging.  As a result, Caen became a loner in the chaotic world of his homeworld.

Late in his adolescence, a corporate investor group found something valuable in his homeworld and decided to pay to re-terraform the world.  Asking for local help, the corporate group hired many people for the effort, including Caen.  Caen excelled in the study of terraforming and quickly became an important assistant to some of the top engineers.

The re-terraforming effort required resources from other worlds and at times the engineers required scouting missions to other remote worlds to find these resources.  Caen was sent on one of these missions that took him to an Earth-like world untouched by modern civilization.  Somehow Caen became disoriented and lost but encountered beings unlike anything he had seen before – beings of light or energy – who led him to their hidden city.  Here they brought him before what can only be described as a gargoyle.  No drug or any other substance has ever given Caen the experience he had at the gargoyle.  It changed him for life.

Unfortunately, other dark forces had planted seeds of insanity long before.

Caen was able to find all the resources needed to revive his world on this jungle world.  This gained him enough notoriety to draw the attention of Doramos, the great terraformer.  He was given an apprenticeship with the artist-scientist and served him well for years.  His apprenticeship ended abruptly, however, and few people knew exactly why.

Caen continued to have visions throughout his life.  This combined with his obsessive personality as well as growing megalomania drew him down to a dark well of psychosis.  For years after, he sought to perpetuate his visions any way he could.  In doing so, he produced the manuscripts and the artifacts that started the Enigmus Collection.  However, what he found most effective in producing the visions was from the adrenalin rush after taking someone’s life.

They called him the Ogran Park Serial Killer.  In his reign of terror, no one really knew exactly how many victims he tallied.  Some say he used their entrails in a strange ritual, while others believe he ate their hearts to absorb their souls.  However, he was careless, like in childhood, and eventually was caught.  Subsequently, he was judged insane and committed to an asylum world where he spent most of his time in isolation.  The visions continued, despite the lack of a victim, coming in dreams and occasional moments of self-induced ecstasy.  He died in the asylum, and no one really knew whether he finished his manuscripts or not.