Ethra Brewery

Ethra Brewery

ethrabrewSocorran Corporation. The Brewery conglomerate that produces Socorran raava.

Ethra is a Socorran word for three. The name is a perfect designation to describe the triple profit split and partnership that is the Ethra Brewery. The company is owned by a triumvirate consisting of Karl Ancher (a Corellian smuggler who has made Socorro his home), Abdi-Badawzi (Socorro’s resident crime lord), and Saadoon-Kauldi (an off-world associate brought in by Abdi to further their contacts beyond the Socorro system).

The Brewery is the exclusive producer of Socorran raava, a sophisticated yet popular drink among spacers, and Zsajhira berry tea, a much sought-after commodity on some Inner Rim worlds. Maintaining a choke-hold monopoly on the raava trade and the specially brewed tea, Ethra Brewery also profits immensely from its extensive line of Corellian whiskies.

As the only beverage producer in the system, Ethra invested and bought full claim to the purified water and hot springs of Socorro’s neighbor. Neftali. (The claiming of such rights is not permitted on Socorro in deference to the nomadic tribes. This hands-off ordinance is maintained to hold with the native tradition of no land ownership.)

The Brewery also benefits from a glassworks operation that uses the characteristic black sands of Socorro as the main element in the creation of the peculiar crystal bottles in which Socorran raava is sold.