SW d6 Mailing list: Exosquad in the Star Wars Universe

SW d6 Mailing list: Exosquad in the Star Wars Universe

This is something I kept around since my early days on the Star Wars d6 Mailing list.   I do not know who King Packer is but I liked what he did here.

Exosquad in the StarWars Universe

After watching Exosquad on T.V. I got to thinking how neat it would be to have something like an E-Frame in the StarWars role-playing game. Also as long as I was doing this I might as well make stats for a neo-sapien.  So I went ahead and designed them, if you have any questions or comments E-mail me.




Dexterity- 3D




Missile Weapons


Vehicle Blaster

Knowledge- 2D


Planetary Systems


Mechanical- 4D

E-Frame Piloting


Starship Gunnery

Starship Shields

Starship Piloting

Strength- 2D+1





Perception- 4D



Neural Interface Device



Technical- 2D+2

Computer Prog\Repair

Droid Programming

Droid Repair

E-Frame Repair

First Aid

Equipment; E-Frame with 5 modifications, datapad, heavyblaster pistol (damage 5D), 2000 credits

Background: You grew up on a peaceful planet, but when a genetic experiment went wrong all that suddenly changed. A new crude breed of humans quickly became the major power on the planet. Your chances for survival are slim but after joining the human resistance you have found a new hope. Learning of the rebellion against  the empire you have been sent to help them in their fight so that someday they will help your planet in theirs.

Personality: Enthusiastic and Realistic. You want to be the best but right now just staying alive is a major accomplishment. Your young and someday you hope to be a famous pilot.

Objectives: To help your planet anyway you can and once the threats are gone to become a great pilot.

Quote:  “ He really didn’t deserve to die <shot> He really didn’t deserve to die either>


Craft: E-frame

Scale: Starfighter

Skill: E-Frame Piloting

Cargo Capacity: 2kg

Consumables: 2 days

Cost: 25,000+ 5,000 per modification

Availability: 3, R

Hyperdrive Multiplier: No

Nav. Computer: No

Maneuverability: 3D

Space: 4

Hull: 3D

Strength: 5D**

Shields: 0D








*Controlled by Neural Interface Device wearer controls ship by thinking commands but each round must make a moderate neural interface device roll to decern between the millions of bytes of information in the E-frames computers. A failed roll means the ship does nothing this round  but a successful roll means that all ship rolls get a bonus of 2D (i.e. Starship gunnery, piloting etc.)

**The E-frames Strength Is used when Strength skills are necessary, any bonuses the character put into strength also apply for the E-frame (i.e. Character improves brawling to 3D his E-frames brawling would now be 5D+2)

The above is a standard E-frame. With the template provided it says 5 modifications. So below are a list of modifications and their locations on the suit only one modification can be placed in each location. After choosing your modifications  update your ship sheet. The locations are as stated in the following; H=Head, T=Torso, B=Back, U=Underside, RS=Right shoulder, LS=Left shoulder, RA= Right arm, LA=Left arm, RH=Right hand, LH=Left hand, RL=Right Leg, and LL=Left Leg.


Weapon Modifications

-Light Ion Cannon; Skill: Starship Gunnery; Fire Control 3D; Space Range 1-3/12/25; Damage 3D; LH, RH, LA, RA

-Mini Torpedo Launcher; Skill: Starship Gunnery; Ammo 6; Space Range 1/3/7; Damage 6D;LA and LH, RA and RH, B, U

-Tractor Beam; Skill: Starship Gunnery; Fire Control 3D; Space Range 1-3/12/25; Strength 3D (Reduces Targets Maneuverability by 2D); LS, RS, LH, RH

-Mini Missile Launcher; Skill: Starship Gunnery; Ammo 6; Space Range 2/5/9; Damage 5D;

LA and LH, RA and RH, B, U

-Cutting Laser; Skill: Melee;  Fire Control 1D; Space Range 1/-/-; Damage 3D;LH, RH, H

-Quad Laser Cannon; Skill; Starship Gunnery;  Fire Control 3D, Space Range 1-3/12/25; Dam. 6D;

LH and LA, RH and RA

-Laser Cannon; Skill; Starship Gunnery; Fire Control 3D; Space Range 1-3/12/25; Damage 4D;

LH, RH, LA, RA, H, U

-Sensor Jammer; Skill; Sensors; Fire Control 0D; Space Range 1-3/7/15; Damage; -2 from firecontrol of all starships in range.; H, B, T, U

Other Modifications

-Strengthened Hull; Adds 1D to Hull; T,B

-Shield Generator; Adds 2D of Shields; T,B, RS and LS

-Rocket Boosters; Adds 2 to Space; B, RL and LL

– Stabilizers; Adds 1D to Maneuverability; B, RL and LL, RS and LS

-Electro Magnet; Allows wearer to attach himself to any metal object; holds with a strength of 4D

T, RL and LL, B

-Improved Targeting System; Adds 1D to all weapons firecontrol, H

-Hand, Allows E-frame to perform most motor skills with hand at -1D to characters dexterity,


-Increased size; Adds an additional head mount as well as adding room for a passenger. does not rest on a mount, rather it is part of the E-frame and may only be added at the time the character is created.

-Hyper drive unit; This is a small Hyperdrive unit capable of  reaching  up to x2 performance do to the size and bulkiness of this unit it reduces the ships maneuverability by 1D; B

-Fuel Scoop; This unit allows the E-frame to enter a planets atmosphere and turn some of the elements of the atmosphere into useable fuel. However this does reduce the performance of the ship ,because of the low quality of the fuel after being converted, causing the space to drop by 1 and the maneuverability to drop by +1, As soon as the ship is filled with regular fuel again these penalties are removed; B, U


The Neo-Sapiens are the result of a genetic experiment gone wrong. Realizing their dominance over humans they wasted no time in taking control of their homeplanet. They now control their own creation although still unable to naturally reproduce.

Neo-Sapiens stand between 2 and 2.5 meters tall, and have blue skin as well as strange deformities all over their face. They have quickly matched the humans in technology and are on their way to surpassing them.  Also they have appeared as being even more ruthless than the emperor himself although there are some good neos out there, they are by far the minority.


Attribute Dice: 14D

Strength: 3D/6D

Dexterity: 3D/5D

Perception: 2D/4D

Mechanical: 3D/5D

Technical: 2D/4D

Knowledge: 1D/3D

Height 2-2.5 meters tall

Move: 10/13

Story Factors: Neos are greatly looked down upon and are considered both a enemy and a freak by most of the galaxy. So for this reason they have trouble dealing with all but combat situations.

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