Expanded Structural Points

Expanded Structural Points

The logic in the old rules’ Structural Point system had some discontinuities. No matter what size of projectile auto-weapon it was, the weapon did 5 points Structural Damage per shot. There are many ambiguities in this rule. The rules that follow will change the system and leave no misunderstanding. The structural points for the new weapons will also be given. As far as this article goes, the old rules on all structural damage caused by projectile weaponry is null and void.

Structural Points Table The Structural points for projectile weaponry is based on the type of weapon: Pistol, Large Pistol, Rifle, or Heavy Weapon. This will go for auto-weapons, gyrojet, and all other weapons to be listed. The old structural point damage rating will be listed where it agrees with the author’s logic.

Projectile Weaponry w/ Standard Ammunition

Weapon TypeStructural damage
Projectile Pistol (B)Full Max Damage
Projectile Pistol (G)8 per shot
Projectile Pistol (N)No Effect
Projectile Pistol (E)3/4 Max Damage*
Projectile Large Pistol (B)Full Max Damage
Projectile Large Pistol (N)No Effect
Projectile Large Pistol (E)3/4 Max Damage
Projectile Rifle (B)3/4 Max Damage
Projectile Rifle (G)10 per shot
Projectile Rifle (N)No Effec
Projectile Rifle (E,L)3/4 Max Damage*
Projectile Heavy Weapon (B)3/4 Max Damage
Projectile Heavy Weapon (E,L)3/4 Max Damage*
Explosive devices 
Grenades/Related Weapons 
Fragmentation Grenade15 points (30 if placed)
Acid8 per turn
Micromissiles14 per missile
High Explosive50*Missile#
Standard Explosive45*Missile
Beam Weapons 
Weapon TypeStructural Damage
Pistol Standard Laser5 point/SEU
Hand Blaster14 points/charge
Pistol Ke-laser6 points/SEU
Pistol Pulse Energy (EP)10 points/PEU
Pistol Rafflur1/4 Max damage
Pistol MaserNo damage
Large Pistol Ke-Laser7 points/SEU
Large Pistol Pulse Energy (EP)10 points/PEU
Large Pistol Rafflur1/3 Max Damage
Large Pistol MaserNo effect
Large Pistol Bolt1/2 Max Damage
Rifle Standard Laser5 points/SEU
Rifle Ke-laser8 points/SEU
Rifle Pulse Energy (EP)10 points/SEU
Rifle Rafflur1/2 Max Damage
Rifle Bolt1/2 Max Damage
Hvy Weapon Standard Laser8 points/SEU
Heavy Weapon Ke-Laser50 points/SEU
Heavy Weapon Pulse Energy (EP)10 points/PEU
Heavy Weapon Rafflur1/2 Max Damage
Sonic etcNo effect


  • B – Bullet type
  • G – Gyrojet type
  • N – Needler type
  • E – EMA type
  • L – LAP type

* For Solid, light explosive, and high explosive. Acid and poison have no effect

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