The Abwehr

The Abwehr

Disbanded and taken over by the SS in 1943 at the end of the War of Unification, the Abwehr went underground as a secret society of agents within the Reich infrastructure. Their goals – politically subvert and overwatch the operations of the SS to ensure they were in the best interest of the Reich and the original Fuhrer.

Secretly funded by the families of the “old guard” and distant relatives of Hitler’s Inner Circle, the Abwehr has been very active in many different secret operations. The antithesis of the Tower, Abwehr has worked against many of the resistance operations while at the same time occasionally helping them. It is quite a political whirlwind trying to figure out which faction is using which more in the relations between Abwehr and the Tower.

Many believe that the cult-like movement within the SS called Leibstandarte are an arm of the Abwehr. There are links of manipulation between the Abwehr and the Leibstandarte, but no true evidence one works for the other. It is not even clear that the leader of the Leibstandarte  – Major Rupert Honig – is aware of the Abwehr continued existence.

The Abwehr have agents everywhere and to some, are considered the “boogie men” of the intelligence service. It is said that they “hide in the shadows and take out anyone that is disloyal to the party…”

Founded on the ideals of Wilhelm Canaris, who was more a nationalist than an Nazi. While an anti-communist, Canaris had his own views of the National Socialist party. His conflicts with Himmler are part of the reason the Abwehr was officially dissolved.

The Abwehr looks out for Germany first, not the Party and seeks the preserve the heritage of the German people. It does not believe in the superior race non-sense of the Nazi party and instead wishes to simply preserve that which is the heart of the German people. The True Fatherland.

Thus, the group has fluctuating allegiances with everyone else. At times, it works with Tower, while at others it works against. At times, it works with the Reich while at other times, it does not. It’s a delicate balance and some believe over the years, it has lost it’s vision and is simply a tool for all the other factions fighting over power.

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