Fading Suns Heretics Haven

Fading Suns Heretics Haven

Why d20?

From the start, I’ve always liked the Universe of Fading Suns. Every aspect of it fascinates me, and there are so many facets to it. However, when I tried to play Victory Point system, I struggled with it. I tried and tried to make the system to work with my style of running and the style of my regular players. However, it simply didn’t fit. The system seemed (to us) “anti-player character” as one of my players put it. He seemed to work against the player and not for the player. My players complained about how useless their characters felt in the game. They felt quite inadequate no matter how simplistic the task.

I admit that my style of running is a little more cinematic and heroic. I don’t like to quibble over the most simple tasks when peace in the galaxy is at hand. I want my PCs to be effective and feel like the have accomplished something because the character they created, concept and number together, are effective and have a role to play in the campaign I have created. My players and I did not get that feeling out of the Victory Point system.

I was on the verge of moth-balling my Fading Suns stuff outright.

Then came d20 Fading Suns. And I took a long deep breath to relief. I was already a big fan of d20 from d20 Star Wars. As far as I am concerned, d20 saved Fading Suns.

I recognize that I may be in the minority of Fading Suns fans. I think HDI recognizes that too, with their lack of focus on d20 since the d20 core book has come out. But I am not discouraged. With this web site, I plan to fill those holes of d20 Fading Suns that I see. I’ll take it from one Victory Point book to the next, taking inspiraction from everything in there for Feats, Prestige Classes, and other stuff to make d20 FS complete.

Because I felt like that there was so much more that the fine people at HDI could have done with FSd20, I decided to make this site.

Included in here is Feats, Prestige Classes and another else I could find in the original Victory Point system that I could convert to d20.

Also included are some additions like the Advantage & Compensation system I have been using with Star Wars d20 for years.


Source Material

Character Codex II

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