Fallen Angels 2: Fortress of the Angel (MACE 2019)

Fallen Angels 2: Fortress of the Angel (MACE 2019)

Date: November 9, 2019 – Savage Saturday Night

I went into this game with only ideas. I had written a 30+page adventure but never play-tested it. On top of that, I had a father, and his two young kids (18 year old girl and 12 year old boy) in my game. I already knew this was going to go late. I just had to engage the players and I think the time would not matter.

This was a wholly different experience than the first part. The first involved intrigue, action and a heist. This one involved infiltration (which turned out to be not much different from the heist) and a lot of scary horror. I approached the father weeks before the con to make sure he was OK with all that I had planned (without spoilers). All seemed well.

As I said in a previous post, I had 3 people that signed up for Part 1 also sign up for Part 2. I design them so that you don’t have to, that you can start at any point along the story line. I brief the team on what previously happened in every game. But to go from one part to another was different. They got a lot more story. I had never dealt with that before and some story did carry over.

Unfortunately, one of the three dropped out, leaving an open seat. Fortunately, my wife was there to fill that seat. She was awesome!. The father and kids were incredible and I kept it all family friendly (rather proud of myself for keeping my language family friendly.) They all had a blast again. The father emailed me later telling me the kids did not stop talking about it.

Again, I had too much story to get out. I am not saying that to brag, I am just saying there is only so much you need and I probably put too muchin. It went late again. The “dungeon crawl” ending was too much. I am going to have to trim it down. But it was full of great moments and surprising solutions. They did awesome!

I used Battle mats from the Sedition Wars board game, supplemented by map tiles I printed and glued to foam core from Achtung Cthulhu (perfect merging for my concept). I used the Creative Gamescapes set up for catwalks, and did some medicine bottle crafts for some machinery and the energy core.

I did two big crafts for this one – the Last Guard and the final creature – Dr. E – both our of air dry claw and hot glue.