Fallen Angels 1: Child of the Angel (MACE 2019)

Fallen Angels 1: Child of the Angel (MACE 2019)

Date: November 8, 2019

The build up to this session was tense.  I was really looking forward to this part of the MACE weekend.  Not only do I get to run the first part of this series again but the second one as well (un-playtested).  

On top of that, one player in Part 1 played in Part 3 of the last trilogy at MACE 2018. I gave him a little refresher and it’s cool that he got a little more story. 3 of the players were also signed up for Part 2 on Saturday night (although one bailed out before the second part.)

I had a good group of people. I think I would have re-assigned some of the characters – given the leaders to someone else – but in the end, the group had a blast. Unfortunately, this one went long also, almost exactly as long as the last time I ran it. But they did not complain. In fact, they raved about how awesome the story was.

It felt good to have all of them to enjoy my story. The characters were the same as I have used from the beginning, converted to SWADE. Unfortunately, there were some errors that I have to go back and fix. But overall, we had a blast.

I used very little crafts in the beginning but the finale was a big craft table mostly made up of Impudent Mortal builds. I forgot my trash piles that I crafted and used last time but used some other extra stuff I had. Bad guy minis included Heroclix Ninjas rebased and some Dust Tactics miniatures for the SS soldiers.